• Beauty Ad Spending To Lag Overall Ad Economy, Social Distancing Cited
    One of the unintended consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic is that it has impacted some advertising categories more than others, and while much of the focus has been on sectors such as travel, restaurants, movies and live entertainment, demand for cosmetics and fragrances has also crashed due to continued social distancing.
  • Anglo Media Markets Lost Nearly $8 Billion In 2020
    The 2020 pandemic-influenced ad recession had a pronounced impact on all the major Anglo markets -- the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand -- tracked by Standard Media Index, but there appears to have been less of a lag for the U.S. pulling out of it. That is one of the main findings of SMI's just-published Anglo Market Intelligence report, which shows ad spending across the five nations averaged an 8% decline during 2020 vs. what advertisers spent across those markets in 2019.
  • MediaCom Dominates 2020 New Media Business Wins, Others Fall Behind
    GroupM's MediaCom unit turned in the best new business performance in what arguably was one of the most challenging years ever for the media services industry. With 344 account wins, MediaCom generated $137.8 million in new win revenue, and $121.7 million in net new revenues (after factoring for losses), according to consultant R3's 2020 "New Business League" report.
  • Original Scripted Series Supply Declines For First Time, Pandemic Cited
    It took a global pandemic, but for the first time since the research team at FX Networks began tracking it, the number of original scripted series available to American viewers declined in 2020. The FX researchers estimate there were 493 original series in 2020, a 7.3% decline from the 532 available on broadcast, cable and online services in 2019, and the first time the number dropped since FX benchmarked so-called "Peak TV" in 2009 at 211 original scripted series.
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