• Increase Conversions and Shorten Your Sales Cycle
    Sales professionals, marketing, and C-level executives all have "skin in the game" of increasing conversions and shortening sales cycles; it directly effects their compensation or bonuses.
  • Increase Conversions and Shorten Your Sales Cycle (Part II)
    Last week, we discussed the most common sequence of customer interactions new customers encounter as they move from awareness of its offerings through to selection and the path they travel down that can lead your company to improved conversions.
  • Has the Balance of Power Finally and Permanently Shifted?
    Although creative talent has long been at the center of most traditional agencies, online advertising has spurred a shift in the balance of power between creative and media.
  • Are Those Really Behaviors You're Targeting? Think Again! (Part I)
    By now everyone's heard of behavioral targeting. You know, the hottest thing to hit the online marketing space since paid search?
  • Are Those Really Behaviors You're Targeting? Think Again! (Part II)
    Last week, Robert Tas discussed the definition and scale of behavioral targeting. The continuance of that discussion is below.
  • Liars or Leaders?
    A recent tour of this week's Ad:Tech New York exhibit hall uncovered an amazing statistic. Of the 152 (by my count) agencies and vendors touting their capabilities, an astounding 47 percent claimed to offer some sort of sophisticated online targeting capability.
  • Outside-In Marketing
    In these days of ever-increasing customer expectations, the success or failure of a company's marketing efforts depend upon the attitudes and actions of the employees on the organization's front lines.
  • 2004: The Year Behavioral Targeting Got Real
    Around January or February of each year, here on the JupiterResearch Online Advertising Campus, we write a report titled "Agenda: Setting Priorities for the Upcoming Year."