• Lotame Releases Onboarding For People-Based Ad Targeting
    Taking offline data and bringing it online for attribution or targeting has become important to IMGE's clients, said Matt Capristo, director of online advertising at the four-year-old digital advertising agency, which works mostly with political campaigns and corporate advocacy groups.
  • Facebook To Release Advanced Measurement Tool
    Advertisers will have the ability to use Advanced Measurement to determine which media and platforms had the highest reach to their targeted audience or drove the most purchases in their online store.
  • Cordial Custom Tracking For Email Gets $6M In Series A Funding
    Cordial, a software that tracks consumer behavior across apps and Web sites, announced this week that the company raised $6 million in a Series A funding round from Los Angeles venture capital fund Upfront Ventures. The company built the platform to target marketing emails for each user.
  • Google Agrees To MRC Third-Party Audit For YouTube
    Google has agreed to have an official agency audit the metrics and technology integrated by third-party companies into YouTube's Web site and mobile applications.
  • Mobile Location-Based Video Ads Positioned For Growth In 2017
    The percentage of local mobile video ads served with location-based targeting jumped from 5% in the second quarter in 2016 to 17% in the fourth quarter of the same year, according to data scheduled for release Friday.
  • Mobile To Give Live Streaming, Video Targeting A Boost
    Video will have the highest growth rate of any mobile application representing 78% of all mobile traffic and live video will represent 5% of total mobile video traffic by 2021, according to Cisco data released this week.
  • Data Becomes 'Pillar' Of Advertising In 2017
    If 2016 was the year of measurement, than 2017 will become the year marketers feel comfortable enough to trust ad targeting and metrics to their campaign partners like Google or Bing.
  • Consumer Identity Data Becomes Big Business
    In 2017, more companies will clean up their CRM databases to verify contact lists, and there will be a significant uptick in the use of customer identity data management as social sites, portals, search engines and publishers deny agencies and advertisers the right to information based on consumer privacy concerns. At least in Infutor's world.
  • The Coming Of Insights Automation
    There is a movement across the advertising industry to build out a type of machine learning artificial intelligence that can look at key performance indicators within a large set of data and understand the key drivers moving KPIs either up or down.
  • How White Ops Foiled Russian Hackers Stealing $5M In Ad Revenue Daily
    Remember the Russian group running U.S. and Netherlands data centers that generated between $3 million to $5 million per day? Advertisers need to become more in tune with this type of cybercrime to prevent it from happening again.
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