• Why Don't Advertisers Take A Stand?
    I'm baffled by why advertisers are not banding together more strongly to drive out at least some of our industry's questionable behaviors.
  • What An Ad-Supported Netflix Tier Will Mean For TV Marketers
    4 issues Netflix needs to address to determine if an ad-supported tier will dramatically change TV video ad marketing, measurement and culture.
  • Yes, You Can Unify Sales, Marketing And Finance
    A data-driven marketer should be willing to build a model, evangelize it to finance and sales, and use that to plan out spend.
  • 50 Shades Of Greying
    Reactions to CTV News anchor Lisa LaFlamme's firing make excellent fodder for the meme factory, but I suspect the reality wasn't quite that simple.
  • Teens And Media: A Conversation
    We invited seven young people to have a conversation about media, and then -- with their permission -- we recorded what they had to say.
  • As A Business Owner, And A Boss, Quiet Quitting Infuriates Me
    What infuriates me is the fact that standing up for your rights is still so dangerous that it has to be done quietly. What infuriates me is that we haven't made more progress.
  • We Need 'Act-Alike' Ad Targeting, Not Look-Alikes
    Finding new prospective customers that "act like'' existing customers is what marketers really want when they are defining target audiences for advertising campaigns. That is what we should be finding for them, and that is what we should be held accountable for.
  • How Embedded Finance Is Monetizing The Media Landscape
    Why can't a lifestyle brand like Nike create loans to athletes who are on the radar nationally, especially now that college athletes are being paid for their likenesses? What about Yeti becoming a brand that offers travel insurance to get its customers out on the open roads again?
  • Dealing With Daily Doom
    What we need from media is a frank appraisal of the worst-case scenario of our future. We need to accept that and move on to deal with it. We need to encourage resilience and adaptability. While it is most certainly going to be catastrophic, it doesn't have to be apocalyptic.
  • Why The Soccer World Cup Will Be Extra Hard On Advertisers, Planners
    Host country Qatar is 7 to 10 hours ahead of the East and West Coasts respectively, and has a poor human rights record.
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