• You've Seen The Lumascapes, Now Download The Podscape
    Anyone in advertising and marketing who hasn't been asleep for the past decade has to know what a LUMAscape is -- the cleverly delineated flowcharts mapping, and categorizing the players in key digital media "ecosystems" -- created by the team at Luma Partners. They have inspired countless others to do the same within their areas of media expertise, and now, courtesy of Magellan AI, there's a "Podscape" doing the same to organize the burgeoning marketplace of podcasting.
  • GroupM Shaves 2020 U.S. Ad Decline In Half, Revises 2021 Into Positive Territory
    GroupM dramatically improved the outlook for the U.S. ad economy in 2020, and revised its 2021 outlook from negative to a positive gain in its just-released year-end forecast. GroupM now projects the U.S. ad economy will contract only 3.9% -- about half the 7.6% decline it projected when it published its mid-year outlook in June. For 2021, the U.S. ad economy is now projected to expand 6.2% vs. a previously forecasted decline of 1.7%.
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