• Sell Your Soul - Er, Social - Influence
    Izea has created a marketplace where advertisers can buy sponsored content space from "social influencers" on the biggest social media platforms out there: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube and LinkedIn. In the ongoing machines vs. humans debate, this is a big win for machines.
  • February: The Month Of Love...And Sports
    Targeting travelers was once again the most expensive way to advertise on programmatic exchanges in February, but kindling love was still in the air, and marketers paid for it. However -- and you might not want to say this to your significant other -- it seems February is actually all about sports.
  • East Vs. West: Real-Time With Two RTB House Execs On Differences Between European Regions
    The European market has adopted programmatic technologies, and isn't far behind the U.S. in many aspects. But while saying "Europe is using new ad technology" is easy, and technically true, it's not enough. "RTM Daily" spoke with two executives from RTB House, an ad agency that houses its own real-time bidding technology, to break down the European market: Maciek Mikolajczak and Robert Geruszczak.
  • Millennials Consume Content Every Waking Hour (And Then Some)
    Millennials are giving new meaning to the "always-on" consumer because they are on even when they are supposed to be off. Millennials are apparently spending 18 hours per day consuming media. The hours are compounded, meaning that a person watching TV and checking Instagram at the same time for one hour would rack up two hours of media consumption -- one for each device. Even compounded, that doesn't leave much time for things like, oh, I don't know, sleep?
  • Is TV, Online Video 'Convergence' Legitimate? Real-Time With Videology CEO Ferber
    Advertisers have been anxious for an easy way to link their TV and online video campaigns for years now, and the hullabaloo has led to several online video ad platforms trying to make it work. It's clear this is something the industry wants to make happen, but the real question is: are we there yet, or is this simply an experimentation phase? Videology's CEO Scott Ferber speaks with RTM Daily.
  • A Tail Of Two Traders: The Long And The Short Of It
    Many of us think of Madison Avenue as single, collective industry of advertising agencies -- and their clients -- who represent the advertising business. But the truth is, there are many versions of it, and many diversities of opinion, including about programmatic trading. And today, we got our first look at how the other half lives, breathes and thinks about it. Not so much, apparently. At least not according to the latest quarterly tracking study from media-buying data processor and software developer Strata, which polled its agency clients on programmatic buying and found out that they’re mostly not using it, ...
  • Sharing Is Caring: U.S. Not #1 In Video Shares (Not Even Top 15)
    Pop quiz: When it comes to sharing videos, where does the U.S. rank? Answer: Nowhere near the top. Indonesia is the top-ranked country when it comes to sharing videos online, followed by India and Greece. You have to go all the way down to number 19 to find the U.S. The UK came in at number 43.
  • Squerb Wants To Kick 'Likes' To The Curb, But Twitter Trends Has It Beat
    "RTM Daily" has been on a bit of a "user-generated" trend this week, and it's not stopping yet. I just learned about Squerb, a company that creates user-driven opinion graphs. It will be launching a new "sentiment engine" at SXSW because the company doesn't think Facebook "Likes" or clicks "allow for any meaningful digital self-expression," a representative said.
  • The Programmatic Haves And Have Nots
    By now, you may be familiar with the November 2013 study that said 85% of advertisers and 72% of publishers are using programmatic. Those figures are high, and surely encouraging for anyone invested in the space.
  • If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them
    With 2.8 million retweets and counting, Ellen DeGeneres' "selfie" -- although she wasn't the one that took the picture, so what's that all about? -- has taught us a few things. Thismoment, a cloud-based software provider, is looking to take advantage of the selfie-obsessed, content-sharing masses. And because that content is mostly shared on social media channels, that's where Thismoment is looking.
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