• Kenosha's Deep Fake Problem
    The judge's willingness to keep even basic video zoom technology out of evidence in the Rittenhouse trial suggests it should be a preview of what's ahead.
  • In Ad World, Diversity And Inclusion Have A Long Way To Go
    Globally, the most common forms of discrimination in our industry occur on the basis of family status and age, not gender or skin color.
  • Unboxing A D2C Video Plan
    Once these brands have had "success in the small" finding the sweet spot for distinctiveness and memorability, they turn to scaled video.
  • Does The Demise of The Cookie Resurrect Media-Mix Modeling?
    The tactic-by-tactic measurement model tries to say that one touch is more valuable than the next, but maybe it's the mix we should be focused on.
  • The Tech Giant Trust Exercise
    When the need for advertising revenue runs up against a question of ethical treatment of users, it will always be Facebook's ethics that give way.
  • Driverless Cabs No Longer Sci-Fi
    Waymo -- formerly the Google self-driving car project -- has begun the formal process of mapping New York City for its driverless cars.
  • The Secret To Connecting With Your Political Opposite
    It's more than just saying "We need to understand the other side." That approach can be part of the problem.
  • Attacks on Brand Purpose Are Unwarranted
    Is brand purpose a king with no clothes? That's what some marketing experts claim.
  • Will We Over-Commercialize The Metaverse?
    I think this whole push toward the metaverse makes sense. It smells a lot like the push toward digital in 1995.
  • Adrift In The Metaverse
    The metaverse is a world of our own making, where we imagine we can fix what we screwed up in the maddeningly unpredictable real world.
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