• Multicultural Ad Growth, By Ethnic Group
    While overall multicultural advertising and marketing spending in the U.S. is growing at about the rate of the general marketplace, some ethnic segments are growing faster than others, especially media targeting Asian Americans. Overall multicultural spending few 5.6% in 2018, according to the latest edition of PQ Media's Multicultural Media Forecast, but it grew 6.1% for media targeting African Americans, and 7.0% targeting Asian Americans.
  • Study Finds Brand Loyalty Fleeting, Consumers Easily Convinced To Switch
    Brand loyalty is fleeting for most consumers, especially older generations and lower-income groups.
  • Marketers Signal Concern About Facebook's CPMs
    Almost half of marketers said they may be priced out of paid Facebook advertising if costs continue to rise.
  • Instagram Most Effective, Efficient Social Media Platform For Consumer Brand Engagement
    Instagram remains the most effective media platform in terms of generating responses to brand content, according to the latest edition of social media tracker ListenFirst's industry benchmarks report. Content response rates are defined as the rate with which users respond by sharing, liking, commenting, retweeting or reacting to a post or tweet.
  • Sports Viewership Migrates To Connected Devices
    Viewers are seeking out sports programming from over-the-top services amid a broader shift in media consumption on connected devices.
  • GroupM Expands Share Of Big 6 Media Billings, 'All Others' Remains No. 1 In Total Market
    Despite being a year of corporate transition, GroupM bettered the media billings growth rate of the Big 6 agency holding company media units, and expanded its share of market to 30.2%, making it half again bigger than its next closest rival, Publicis Media (20.4%) share, according to year-end projections for 2019 being released this week by media agency tracker ComVergence.
  • Personalization Works With Right Privacy Controls
    Three fourths of consumers are concerned that their personal data are permanently recorded amid heightened distrust of data collection.
  • Clients Slightly More Tolerant Than Agencies Re Disney-Like Pitch Terms
    Advertisers and agency media buyers both deem Disney-like account pitches requiring an agency to commit its other clients' ad budgets to buy a media client's inventory to be a questionable practice. But advertisers are more likely than their clients to deem it legal, if not quite ethical. That's the finding of interviews that Advertiser Perceptions conducted recently for Research Intelligencer.
  • What Motivates Consumers To Shop Online: Familiarity, Free Shipping, Deals
    With retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Target selling ad space and paid product listings on their websites, an ecommerce media strategy becomes even more important for agencies and their clientele.
  • The Best 27 TV Series Of 2019
    That's right, I said 27. In this week's edition I examine the embarrassment of riches, not to mention the paradox of choice, of 2019's best TV series, many of which you may never even have heard of, much less seen.
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