• Google Gets Creators Of LeapDroid
    The creators behind LeapDroid are joining Google, according to 9To5Google, which reports that this isn’t an acquisition, but rather "just a couple guys who have decided to ditch their own project and move to the Mountain View company to work on bigger thing." The two don’t plan to keep working on LeapDroid, although 9To5Google calls LeapDroid "a well-known Android emulator." 
  • Google Updates Gmail To Run More Like Inbox
    Google released an updated version of Gmail’s iOS app for iOS that includes a faster search engine, swipeable actions, and Undo Send, according to MacWorld, which points to Undo Send as the most "anticipated" feature now available on Gmail for iOS. Originally only available on the desktop, Undo Send has proven helpful in preventing all types of user errors, such as embarrassing typos.
  • Google Antitrust Charges Back In The Spotlight
    Google, an Alphabet subsidiary, hit back at the European Union Thursday after the government entity accused the company of abusing its dominant position with its shopping and advertising services, reports The Wall Street Journal. Google defended the way it places retailers’ ads for products on some of its search results by saying there is no evidence that those ads hurt price-comparison Web sites. The WSJ explains.
  • Meet Personal Data Search Engine Atlas Recall
    TechCrunch takes a look at Atlas Recall, a new search engine for “indexing everything you see and do on all your devices … [organized] in very human fashion.” In other words, “It indexes and makes searchable everything you encounter on your computer and mobile … On the web, on Facebook, in Outlook, on your computer, everything.” To date, the startup has received funding from Microsoft, Nathan Myhrvold, and Aspect Ventures.
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