• Tech Giants Donate To Trump Inauguration Prior To Immigration Rant
    Amazon, Google and Microsoft donated cash and technical services to the celebrations surrounding President Donald Trump’s inauguration, Politico reports, citing federal documents and multiple sources familiar with the matter. Microsoft contributed $250,000 in cash and the same amount in technology and other tools, and Google provided tech services such as a YouTube live stream of the inauguration and an unspecified cash donation. The report also says that Facebook made an a donation by providing Instagram photo booths and a mini Oval Office it had set up for partygoers.
  • Google Home Super Bowl Ad Sets Off False Triggers In IoT Device
    False triggers have become one of the pitfalls in virtual assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo. During Sunday's Super Bowl game, Google Home owners took to Twitter to complain about the device turning on as the Google's advertisement aired on television. The device flaw will no doubt send Google back to the drawing board to revise and update the wake-up signal.
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