• Guns, Misinformation, Woman's Rights -- And The Supreme Court
    As evidence of right-wing radicalization, let me explain a Texas law that is almost certain to become the next chapter in the information war in America.
  • Social Media And The Butterfly Effect
    Looking back, It was sweet, perhaps naive, that a school of thought assumed this new social media thing would be used for the greater good of humanity.
  • Whatever Happened To The Subscription Economy?
    Can a subscription model succeed now? I still think the answer is yes, but the market has certainly appeared to cool down, and clutter is an issue.
  • A Few Words On Memories
    What will the essence of childhood remembrance be for those born today? They will leave a huge digital dust trail.
  • TikTok And The Growth Of Unfiltered UGC
    If you check out TikTok, you might think the content seems a bit handmade or even amateurish -- but that's the point.
  • The Myth Of Neutrality
    It's really hard to acknowledge someone else's perspective as valid -- especially If you fit the dominant paradigm of your culture.
  • Time To Rethink Ad Industry Compliance Programs
    You can't stop ad fraud with blacklists or "Good Housekeeping" seals on websites. Millions of new domains and delivery paths are created daily.
  • Is Twitter Really Worth All That Money?
    Twitter is definitely worth it to Elon Musk, because it enables him to prop up the perception of value in his companies.
  • Why Outre Is Now En Vogue
    Outrage -- or, as the French say, "outre" -- sells. The more outrageous it is, the better it seems to work on social media.
  • Musk Kills Sec. 230 -- By Accident
    Musk says about Twitter that "there should be no behind the scenes manipulation, either algorithmically or manually."
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