• Analysts Affirm 15% Growth For eCommerce
    Based on current U.S. Census data, the equities research team at Raymond James issued an update this morning indicating they are "comfortable with our expectation for 15% eCommerce growth" in the first quarter of 2018. "For Amazon, we expect continued strength in retail sales (including recent Prime Day), AWS momentum (enterprises moving increased workflows to cloud), advertising strength, and improving operating leverage."
  • Study Shows Both Newspapers And Digital Natives Decimating Editorial Staffs
    On a day when new owner Tronc announced it is reducing the size of The New York Daily News' editorial staff by 50%, Pew Research Center has released new tracking data showing the long-term attrition -- make that decimation -- of editorial staff at U.S. newspapers and digital native newsrooms. "At least 36% of the largest newspapers across the United States - as well as at least 23% of the highest-traffic digital-native news outlets - experienced layoffs between January 2017 and April 2018," the Pew report notes, adding that newspapers with the highest circulation were most likely to be affected.
  • Cash, Free Products Most Common Forms Of Influencer Comp
    Cold cash, followed by free products and/or services are the top methods multinational marketers use to compensate so-called influencers for promoting their brands via influencer marketing campaigns. That's one of the top-line findings of a study of 34 big, multinational marketers released today by the World Federation of Advertisers designed to shed light and create transparency for the burgeoning influencer marketing marketplace.
  • Audio Killed The Digital Screen: People Get Smart Speakers To Reduce Screen Time
    Something the screen-based digital media marketplace may want to consider is that a significant percentage of consumers buying smart speakers are doing so to reduce the amount of time they spend looking at screens. The findings, which comes from "The Smart Audio Report," released this week by Edison Research and NPR, may seem like an ironic technological disruption to people who believe screens -- especially video ones -- will remain the dominant user interface. The study found that 22% of "first adopters" (people who have owned at least one smart speaker for a year or longer) and 38% of "early ...
  • Top 10 Netflix Markets Worldwide
    Nearly 765 million people worldwide will use a subscription over-the-top (OTT) video service, such as Netflix, or Amazon Prime at least once per month this year, according to revised estimates released by eMarketer. That represent 10.2% of the global population, or nearly a third (32.1%) of digital video viewers worldwide. eMarketer also projects the OTT market will expand 24% this year, due to increasing internet penetration, faster speeds and a broader shift toward internet entertainment.
  • Top Emerging Technologies, Plotted By Level Of Implementation
    Forrester Research today released the 2018 edition of its top emerging technologies report, indicating that three -- computer vision, deep learning, and natural language generation - are expected to help marketers "build decision engines that increasingly automate operations and engagement" processes. "Human employees are increasingly being paired up with intelligent machines to reshape the future of work," the report concludes, adding, "Today there are two principle vectors for integrating intelligent machines into an employee's daily journey to complete tasks and achieve results. Creating centaurs involves applying
  • Truth, Justice & The Not-So-Involved Way: How Comic Book Fans Index On Civic Engagement
    Despite the superhero ethos of civic engagements, comic book superhero fans index below the average American when it comes to participating actively in civil, social or political issues. The insight, which comes from a special analysis Viant did leading up to Friday's opening of Comic-Con 2018 in San Diego. Viant, the ad technology and data division of Meredith Corp., analyzed millions of first-party data sets to understand how comic book fans indexed vs. non-comic book fans. Overall, the analysis found fans are 18% less likely to take an active role in civil, social or political issues.
  • All The News That's Fit To Phone In
    It used to be a pejorative to say a journalist was "phoning it in," but new research from the Pew Research Center shows that may actually be the American news consumption norm now.
  • Video Games Rival TV As 'Default' Millennial Entertainment
    While video games have yet to crack Madison Avenue in any massive way, the next generation may have some say in that. A new study finds that Millennials are just as likely to play video games as watch TV as their "default" source of entertainment. The study from Hub Entertainment Research is based on self-reported responses from a survey of nearly 2,000 persons ages 16-74 conducted in June.
  • Most Millennials Report Being Politically Indifferent To Brands They Do Business With
    At a time when many brands have been thrown into the political debate, new research released today by Morning Consult finds it may not be much of a factor either way with Millennials. Only 15% of Millennials responding to a survey conducted June 12-14 said they pay a great deal of attention to ethical and political matters relating to companies they buy good and services from. More than twice that amount -- 38% -- said they pay "some attention." Twenty-nine percent said they will not buy goods or services from companies if they are aware the company has political positions ...
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