• Google Localizes Search Based On Query
    Aaron Wall believes Google has begun to localize search results based on the query. As an example, he points to David Naylor, who highlights how Google U.K. and IE search results serve up mostly Australian Web sites. For those keywords that do not rank, Wall suggests looking at the composition of the search results to see if Google localizes it in another region.
  • Making Sense Of Firefox Tabs
    Ann Smarty discusses several tools that help you make sense of all the open tabs on your desktop. These Firefox tools, especially useful for SEO professionals, are color-coded and let users easily switch between tabs. For example, Next Tab lets users open links with a right click. A new tab opens next to the current tab in the content menu, Smarty explains. But some who comment on the post provide other examples of add-ons, arguing that Firefox add-ons are "RAM hogs."
  • Google Adds Plug-in To Power Discuz
    Google released a Google Friend Connect Plugin for Discuz 7.0, a popular forum platform. Google's Open Social team tells us the product allows user to authenticate using any OpenID account, such as Google, Yahoo, or AIM, rather than filling in another profile form. The plug-in works with WordPress, phpBB and Drupal. The team runs through Friend Connect's features, providing some background on how the product is built. And if the description of the installation steps aren't clear, several links to other pages offer up more information.
  • How To Place PPC Ads In Social Media
    Analyzing paid advertising in social media marketing, Steven offers insight on a couple of ways to start advertising, explaining what not to do. "Avoid spamming at all costs," he writes. "Nothing can destroy a brand's equity faster than a user being annoyed by your advertising presence." When it comes to Facebook, there are several ways to place ads and gain attention from fans. Steven explains that the real power behind this new ad model is the ability to target the audience through contextual ads.
  • How To Improve Conversion Rates
    Philippe Oger describes four ways to provide a better understanding of who's coming to your site. Armed with this information, it's easier to improve conversion rates, he writes. Using the Advanced Segments Tool from Google Analytics to demonstrate the process, Oger segments the data by location, keywords, content, visitor behavior, and more. Charts and screen shots provide a visual storyboard to step you through the process. Segmenting the data by visitor behavior is most helpful when it comes to learning how the site performs, he writes.
  • SEO Stats Provide Ammunition For Naysayers
    It's not always easy selling SEO to the boss set on tightening the purse strings. Once in a while you get the naysayers who think SEO doesn't work. Well, Lee Odden has compiled a list of stats that will arm you when you require ammunition. He realizes no industry is perfect, but writes that it's clear SEO has become a powerful marketing channel. The stats he provides range from a poll on the top digital marketing tactics, to eMarketer and SEMPO data.
  • Paid Search As Alternative Branding Move
    Mia Brennan thinks paid search can be an alternative to traditional branding channels. In paid search campaigns, marketers actively market to people looking for their products. And that's a nice benefit. Still, it might not always work. Brennan steps through an exercise you can use to help determine if paid search as a branding vehicle is an option for you. She provides pointers on determining what constitutes true marketing and paid search impressions to help reallocate budgets and reorganize efforts.
  • PPC: Sorry We're Closed
    Did you forget online ads work 24/7? Stephanie Chen reminds us to send consumers to the Web site after brick and mortar store close, or if you own a small business and just want to skip out early. This strategy can work for customer service and support phone centers, too, she tells us. "If your business operates 9 to 5 and most transactions happen over the phone, you might test saving money by using Ad Scheduling to only show your ads during this time frame," Chen writes, explaining how to use the Google AdWords tool. Ad Scheduling lets ...
  • Is PCC An Art Or A Science?
    It's a question that has been around, well, since the beginning of online advertising. But now the premise has shifted a bit. Marc Poirer and Craig Danuloff weigh in to provide some insight on the shift, as more people transition from asking whether PPC marketing is an "art or a science," to, is it "more of a science than an art?" While Poirer takes one view, Danuloff supports the other. Both offer a few tips and tricks for PPC campaigns. Danuloff shares his view on how to classify PPC best practices based on a "statistics and words," ...
  • Cloning Successful Links
    Analyze your link profiles for hidden opportunities, writes Ken Lyons, who shares link-building tactics he thinks you probably haven't read about. The three points Lyons steps through include indentifying top performing pages, creating external link analysis reports, and creating internal link analysis reports. In the closing step, he demonstrates how to clone link profiles. Lots of screen shots provide a visual example to get through the process.
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