• 100 Ways Optimization Helps Companies Succeed
    A compiled list of techniques to optimize Web site for better conversions tells about 100 success stories. The case studies come from multiple sources. The post highlights new campaign or ad designs that achieve higher conversions, from increasing conversions 591% to making calls to action more prominent. In another case study, semiconductor manufacturer AMD used ShareThis to increase social sharing by 3,600%. Read the article here.
  • Debunking Shopping Engine Myths
    Christina Hall focuses on three platforms to tell us how each can improve a marketer's paid-search strategy when using comparison shopping engines. The platforms -- Nextag, Amazon and Pricegrabber -- have massive networks that use search and match technology. She provides pointers on bidding, matching, and more.
  • Personal Information Not The Responsibility Of Search Engines
    Chloe Albanesius reports that the EU's Central Court of Justice found that search engines should not be required to filter results. They only point to information published online. General Niilo Jääskinen's preliminary decision asserts it is unnecessary to remove links to someone's personal information, provided the publication of the data is legal. Albanesius explains.
  • Finding Keywords To Describe The Business
    The connection between keywords and marketing messages needs to fit naturally. If they don't fit in easy conversation, don't use them. Erin Everhart believes marketers must establish the company's position before determining how consumers will find it. Get started by answering several questions, which she provides -- such as what type of consumer buys the company's goods and services; or "if your company was a car, how would you describe it?" Read the article here.
  • How To Optimize Apps For App Stores
    Robi Ganguly serves up several tips for optimizing apps in stores. Being found among millions of apps creates one of the biggest challenges. Marketers need to keep in mind that apps with higher ratings and more downloads rank higher in queries. One important point, according to Ganguly -- don't forget to insert a keyword in the title of the app. Read the article here.
  • How Google, Facebook, Microsoft Increase Speeds
    The Wall Street Journal reports that Google, Facebook and Microsoft have been paying broadband providers a toll for faster Internet speeds to get content and search results faster to users. Netflix refuses to pay the tolls to increase streaming, but continues talks with providers, although the company eats up about 30% of prime-time traffic. While open Internet rules say pipelines to the home should not prioritize one over another, companies that control broadband still favor the traffic.
  • Apple's Search For More Sales
    It's incredibly common these days for a CEO to tie his compensation to stock prices, mostly to demonstrate loyalty to the company. Take, for example, the search for a better model that allows CEOs to demonstrate to investors and consumers their confidence in the company they lead. Tim Cook's decision to change an executive remuneration was announced Friday. FT.com reports on a retroactive amendment to Cook's 2011 stock award that ties half his pay to stock gains. I'm a firm believer that advertising, marketing and C-level loyalty drive product demand.
  • The Jungian Theory Of Emotional Connections
    Provoking an emotional response requires connecting with consumers. When positive, that emotional response can turn the consumer into an advocate. Srinivas Rao believes there is a way to make content more "fascinating" to help spur the process, such as providing hints as to what's coming next while building trust that the product, service or content about to launch will well serve the reader's purpose.
  • YP Forecast Shows Slower Rate Of Decline
    BIA/Kelsey estimates the global Yellow Page industry will decline through 2017 at a 4.1% compounded annual growth rate (CAGR). BIA/Kelsey attributes the decline to print revenue already below 50% of total revenue in many global Yellow Pages markets, for starters. By 2017, the digital Yellow Page market will account for 62% of total global YP revenue, compared with 35% in 2012.
  • FMB Media Launches
    Former Apple exec and entrepreneur David Szetela launched an advertising company Friday called FMB Media. Based in Florida, the company will offer Google AdWords and Bing Ads paid-search campaign management, landing page and shopping process design, display and retargeting, and social media advertising.
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