• Paid-Search Campaigns: Alternative Uses
    Use paid-search campaigns to test new ideas in the market. That's one of the insights that TaeWoo Kim explains in a post outlining alternative ways to use paid-search marketing. Great products don't build great companies, he writes. Kim suggests using them for market research by first asking readers if they would use the product. Initial ads would provide insight into a potential market. Read the article here.
    • Microsoft: Tips On Consumer Trends
      Natasha Hritzuk, senior director of consumer insights at Microsoft, shares insights on consumer trends from a study released at Advertising Week. The goal is to help marketers gain a better understanding on the decisions that consumers make in the path to purchase the products or services. The path reveals new marketer opportunities that Hritzuk describes, such as embracing the concept of showrooming and building content that enables consumers to "invite you in," among others.
    • RIO SEO Inks Search Engines MD Deal
      Minneapolis-based Internet agency Search Engines MD will tap Rio SEO's Automation Platform to provide pre- and post search campaign insights to its car dealership clients nationwide. The agency also uses the Rio SEO platform's change management system to monitor customer SEO technical changes, react to them quickly, and make immediate recommendations to enhance their clients’ SEO programs, according to the companies.
    • Acquisio Adds Support For Baidu, Yahoo Japan Unified Ads
      Acquisio has announced support for Yahoo Japan Unified Campaigns, as well as improved support for Baidu Ads. The move provides paid-search management for brands reaching out to consumers in Japan and China. The service adds to support for Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and real-time bidding display integration through the company's Trading Desk.
    • Bing Ads Get Extended Security Validation
      Microsoft has adopted Extended Validation SSL certificates on the Bing Ads Web site, and a two-step verification for brands when logging in with a Microsoft account. Dare Obasanjo explains that it means the ads are protected under the "highest standard" available for Internet security for Web site authentication and identification. The green security bar in the browser when visiting Bing Ads in Web browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome identifies the security.     
    • California Law Allows Minors To Delete Online Content
      Hit the delete button, per Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown. Teens, it doesn't matter what you put online. You can request that the company delete the scandalous or embarrassing photos of last year's party you posted under a new legislation Brown signed beginning in 2015, should a minor request it. I'm all for having fun, but does this new legislation teach kids to not take responsibility for their actions?
    • What Removing Keyword Data Means To Search Marketers
      Rishi Lakhani tells us what the removal of most remaining keyword data means for search marketers. He recalls the days when keyword mining tools didn't exist, and search marketers didn't have easy access to the data. He tells us that the results from not having the data solely depend on the type of search marketing being done. Read the article here.
    • BlackBerry Goes Private
      BlackBerry has agreed to go private in a $4.7 billion deal led by its biggest shareholder, Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. The deal will allow the smartphone marker to regroup. The company has until Nov. 4 to seek better offers, which the Fairfax group has the right to match. To complete the deal, the group is seeking financing from Bank of America Merrill Lynch and BMO Capital Markets, reports Reuters. The company finally enabled consumers to download apps and install search engines from Google, Bing and others. The latest handsets also allow users to separate work apps from play.
    • How Voice Search Changes SEO, Paid Search
      Google Voice Search in August began allowing users to do more complex commands that relate to personal data. Megan Marrs explains ways to take advantage of the new Google voice search commands. She tells us how to get personal information on airline flights, restaurant reservations, confirm purchases and plans for the following day -- even serve up photos taken during your recent trip to Europe. For more than a year at the MediaPost Search Insider Summit, search experts have been debating what voice search will contribute to SEO and paid search and whether voice inflection will play a role in determining …
    • Undercover NY Sting Reveals Fake Online Reviews
      Google isn't the only company or organization trying to crack down on fake online reviews. New York authorities are cracking down on companies that commission fake online reviews to enhance their businesses, reports THV 11. A year-long investigation uncovered questionable tactics to influence consumer buying decisions -- especially on Yelp, Google Local, and City Search. About 19 companies are being fined for posting fake reviews.
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