• Google's Schmidt Explains How iPhone Users Can Switch To Android
    Google Chairman Eric Schmidt took to Google+ to teach iPhone and iOS users how to switch to Android phones. He outlines the steps to ensure that data, content and Google apps successfully transfer from iPhone to Android when switching. The Guardian points to Apple's Real People ad campaign launched in 2002, as an example of the feud between Apple and Google.
  • SEO: From Tactician To Strategist
    Google's algorithm tweaks in 2013 forced changes to the way search engine marketers optimize campaigns. Jason DeMers believes those changes prompted SEO specialists to move from tactician to strategist. He shares suggestions on how to think ahead about content marketing, social media, and Hummingbird in 2014. Read the article here.
  • Live Chat Customer Service Connects SEO, Paid-Search Campaigns
    While I'm a bit skeptical about the benefits of live chat on brand Web sites, Graham Charlton explains how in a recent study the media received the highest satisfaction rate -- 73% -- for any customer service channel compared with email at 61% and phone at 44%. He points to the eDigital Customer Service Benchmark that surveyed 2,000 consumers on their experiences of various customer service channels. Getting questions answered quickly took the No. 1 spot, followed by the ability to multitask, and an efficient communications effort.
  • FDA Orders Google-Backed Co. To Stop Selling DNA Tests
    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration sent a warning letter to 23andMe, founded in 2006 by Sergey Brin's wife Anne Wojcicki, to stop the sale of its genetic tests because it has not received regulatory clearance. The company's name stands for the 23 pairs of chromosomes that comprise a person's genome. The company claims the tests detect genetic mutation information, providing information about a person's health risks.
  • Google Shopping Adds Features
    Google has made improvements to its Google Shopping site as it attempts to make it easier for consumers to find the items they want most. A 360° view of the products and interactive images gives consumers an "in-store feeling of holding and touching a product." The engine believes it will help the products get on the consumers' short list of buys.
  • Fundamentally Speaking About Web Site Behavior
    Nathalie Nahai uses the term Web Psychology to describe the empirical study of online behavior. She believes there are three key things that marketers must do. Marketers must know their target market, communicate persuasively, and sell with integrity. She breaks down each to analyze the elements that comprise the three pillars. Read the article here.
  • Ballmer's Farewell Speech Highlights Importance Of Bing, Xbox To Microsoft
    When Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer spoke at his last annual shareholder meeting, he stressed the importance of the Bing search engine and the Xbox video game console businesses. They are essential to the future, even if they are losing money today. He argues that Microsoft is integrating their technology into other Microsoft products that will help make the company's products and services stand out from rivals.
  • Google Jet Fuel Paid, In Part, By Taxpayer Dollars
    Some 32 flights to Hawaii, 25 flights to Anguila, 25 flights to Tortola, and 18 flights to Tahiti could have been partially paid by taxpayer dollars, according to Fox News, which cites numbers from the Center for Individual Freedom. These flights took place by Google engineers on Google-owned jets during "scientific research" trips from 2007 through 2013. The problem is that the discounted fuel costs to fly the jets and free parking are justified because of the scientific research Google does with the space agency. After a GAO investigation, the U.S. Defense Department ended the fuel agreement with Google in ...
  • Microsoft Sells Anti-Google Mugs, T-Shirts
    Looking for the perfect gift for someone special? A new Microsoft store listing sells Scroogled products as part of a year-long anti-Google campaign. The anti-Google T-shirts, Scroogled logo hats and mug range in price. The Scroogled Keep Calm Mug sells for $7.99, which is "out of stock at the moment," becomes the "perfect" gift for anyone fully "caffeinated and tired of being Scroogled." Shout out to Mashable for pointing it out.
  • Google Chromecast Signs HBO GO
    Google signed a deal with HBO to stream programming through Chromecast, the widget that allows consumers to watch online entertainment on their television. It also works with Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Google Play Movies and Music, and Chrome. HBO GO added Chromecast support to Android, iOS and Web apps. The video spot will begin airing on HBO Thursday. The mobile and Web apps should roll out soon.
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