• YouTube Won't Serve Ads To Channels With Less Than 10,000 Views
    YouTube will now block ads on video channel sites with less than 10,000 total views, reports the Wall Street Journal. Pex, an Internet-data firm, estimates 88% of YouTube channels have cumulative views of less than 10,000, representing a mere 5% of the 13.2 trillion views on YouTube for all time. The biggest problem to this move by YouTube's parent company, Alphabet, reports the WSJ, is some of the racist videos have more than the minimum views. 
  • Google Brings In Third-Party Search To Its Cloud Services
    Google is working with a company called Elastic to add manged search and analytics to Google Cloud Platform, the business that rents out computing, storage, and networking power to corporate customers, according to Barbara Darrow. The tools are built on open source technology and are called Elasticsearch and Kibana.
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