• New Apple AI Unit Led By Ex-Googler
    Apple's new artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) unit will be led by former Google executive John Giannandrea, according to The Wall Street Journal. The new group combines Apple's Siri and Core ML teams.
  • Europe Rethinking Google Android Fine
    This battle has been going on for years, but now The Washington Post reports that Google could face new penalties from European regulators for forcing its search and Web-browsing tools on the makers of Android-equipped smartphones and other devices. The fine could range in the billions of dollars, according to people familiar with the decision.
  • Google Co-Founder Mining Ethereum
    Alphabet president and Google co-founder Sergey Brin at a conference held at the Kasbah Tamadot hotel in Morocco on Sunday told attendees he's mining Ethereum with his son. The tweet from Forbes reporter Michael del Castillo also added that Brin was a late speaker addition to the blockchain summit, reports Cnet. 
  • Google Ventures Invests In Lime Scooters
    Lime scooters announced Monday a new funding round of $335 million led by Alphabet's Google Ventures. Uber participated in the round. Reports suggest the ride-hailing company plans to allow riders to rent Lime scooters through its app.
  • Fox News Capitalizes On Search For Breaking Stories
    Fox News began using search engines to drive breaking news traffic to the publisher's website and found that the single-digit percentages of the total website traffic great to more than 20%. Fox News Channel SVP of digital John Fiedler told Sarah Sluis that search was once used to support evergreen content, but that has changed. The news organization points to Google AMP as a contributor, which quickly pulls in news stories on mobile devices. The turnover draws readers more frequently to the site. 
  • Google Downgrades Pirate Sites
    Typically one might say Google is making it more difficult for those searching on Google to find pirate sites to protect the interest of copyright holders, but in this case Google has down-ranked 65,000 sites with pirated copy, which led to a 90% reduction in referrals from search results. Ernesto Van der Sar explains. 
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