• Microsoft adCenter Links And Resources
    Tina Kelleher has provided a list of links to resources in adCenter for campaign management, research and optimization tools, optimizing ad copy, negative keyword research, editorials, tutorials, and best practices for content ads. And, if there's any required reading not included in this list, Kelleher would like to hear from marketers and advertisers. She'll add it to the calendar.
  • Web App For SEO Campaigns Now In Beta
    SEOmoz spent the last year building a new platform, Web App, to house all features and functions for the SEOmoz toolset, including the ability to track metrics. Among other reasons, Rand Fishkin and company built the tools to allow marketers to run combined reports rather than separate ones for each piece of a SEO campaign. Fishkin tells us (in a very long post) how the tools works, and how they affect anyone with a PRO Account.
  • WolframAlpha Answers Children's 'Mind-Numbing' Questions
    Kids expect answers to "mind-numbing" innocent questions. Jonathan Allen suggests rather than parents resigning themselves to saying "Just because," they should reply "Why don't you ask WolframAlpha?" Allen provides about 25 examples. Wen asked "Who is the fairest of them all?" WolframAlpha replies "Snow White is the fairest of them all."
  • How To Design Landing Pages That Convert
    Sherice Jacob analyzes five landing pages, providing advice on how to build one that converts consumers from browsers to buyers. She explains that it's not about placing design before function, but rather creating "solid design fundamentals" that draw the eyes to the correct places on the page.
  • Yahoo Search Follows Microsoft
    Mike Swift tells us about 400 Yahoo engineers moving from Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Yahoo to Microsoft's campus in Mountain View, or offices in Bangalore, India, Burbank, Calif., and Redmond, Wash. Both companies are working feverishly to reach that mid-October deadline when Bing will power Yahoo Search in the U.S. Swift reminds us of the consequences if they miss the deadline, the benefits to the two companies if successful, and what the agreement means in terms of collaboration. He also explains the financial loss to Microsoft to run Bing during the fiscal 2010 year.
  • Jon Glick: One On One
    Aaron Wall asks Jon Glick his thoughts on Microsoft Bing as a search brand, interesting search projects that have come along, and whether ranking high in search engines "is like stealing candy from a baby" or more difficult. The long interview also touches on some of the biggest advantages vertical search engines have compared with other search engines, and the importance of judging the quality and authenticity of a link profile.
  • The Lowdown On Conversion Optimization
    Jessica Lee tells us SEO is a waste of time without conversions. So, she sat down with SEO Analyst Scott Fowles to define "conversion optimization" and gain tips on testing, Web development and graphic design.
  • Success Of Microsoft's Bing Ad Campaign In U.K.?
    Peter Young takes a look at Microsoft's Bing campaign in the United Kingdom to determine if the company got what it paid for when it signed up to run a multimillion-pound campaign. He pulls out some data from Experian Hitwise, and concludes the effect was not "hugely significant."
  • Testing YouTube Tag Refinements
    Alex Chitu tells us about a new search page on YouTube that lets people experiment with refining search results by selecting related tags. In a series of screen shots, he provides this example: If you search for [race car], YouTube shows a list of popular tags related to your query: #autos & vehicles, #indycar, #cars, #wreck, #car crashes etc. YouTube also shows the list of tags for each search result.
  • Facebook Resizes Fan Pages
    Facebook has announced a change to Fan pages, affective Aug. 23. Aside from the new size requirement, Jennifer Horowitz tells us the social site plans to remove the Boxes tab. She also explains what will happen to one's page if marketers don't make the change prior to the deadline .
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