• Uber reportedly Makes Bid For Nokia's Here Mapping Service
    Location, location, location. It will become more important as consumers continue to move to mobile. Reports suggest Nokia received a multibillion bid from Uber for its mapping service Here. Uber's backend systems are reportedly powered by Google Maps. The bid competes with one from a consortium of German automakers, including BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz, reports the New York Times.
  • Rebrand or Redirect?
    Rand Fishkin offers guidance to marketers on whether its better to rebrand or redirect existing Web sites and/or consolidate multiple Web sites and brands into one. When Fishkin transitioned SEOmoz.org to moz.com he saw a dip in traffic for about three to four months before it fully recovered. The dip was between 15% and 25% of its search traffic, depending on week to week. Fishkin explains.
  • Google Opens First Startup Campus In Seoul
    Google's first campus for startups and entrepreneurs in Asia opened Friday in Seoul. Campus Seoul rents out its 2,000 square meter, about 21,528 square foot, space to startups and venture investors. The office is designed to foster collaboration between startup companies and a cafe that anyone can use after signing up.
  • Google Moves Order Taking, Appointment Booking To Search Engine, Maps
    Google introduced a new way for consumers to order food delivery, reserve takes and book appointments by allowing businesses to add links to Search and Maps. It is part of Google's move to help local businesses grow. Marketers can find the feature on a business’s Google My Business dashboard. An individual searching for services will see the link to a third-party booking and ordering service, where they can complete their order or reserve their table, similar to Open Table.
  • Google Adds Takeout Ordering To Search Results
    Google is now letting users order takeout directly from its search page. “The feature, which currently works only in the U.S., gives users who search for restaurants an option to instantly place an order for delivery,” Mashable reports. For the effort, Google has partnered with six U.S. food delivery services, including Seamless, Grubhub, Eat24, Delivery.com, BeyondMenu and MyPizza.com. 
  • Google Shutters PageSpeed Service
    Matt Southern describes PageSpeed as a free online service to automatically speed up Web pages. Google decision to discontinue the service as of August because it sees broader adoption through its open-source products. Southern also lists alternatives not affected by the announcement that Google will continue to support.
  • Why Multiple Match Types For The Same Keyword Pays
    It pays to have multiple match types for the same AdWords Keyword, according to Andy Taylor. He tells marketers why the difference in traffic value between different match types of the same keyword is significant and worth launching multiple versions. Exploring the value of phrase and exact match keywords, He took a look at performance across a sample of high-traffic clients from Oct. 1, 2014 through the present. The start date was chosen to include the mandatory inclusion of close variants for phrase and exact match, which Google rolled out at end of September last year. Taylor explains.
  • Google, LinkedIn Vying For Same Property To Build New HQ
    Google and LinkedIn were vying for a 2.2 million-square-foot -- about 50.5 acre -- piece of property in Mountain View's North Bayshore district. The city only planned to develop half the total acreage requested by the pair, but both companies tried to offer incentives to sell the city on their respective visions. The Silicon Valley Business Journal tells us LinkedIn promised to foot development costs of a basketball court, movie theater, and a gym with a pool. Google offered a more concrete number, a $200 million package that would have paid for a bike path along the highway and a …
  • How Programmatic Influences Customer Journeys
    As programmatic moves into display, video, mobile and more, search engine marketers have an advantage to expand their skills in automation to other media. MediaMath and eTail surveyed more than 115 retail marketers to pen a white paper that explores how programmatic marketing enables brands to influence consumer journeys across digital channels. The paper discusses real-time iteration of campaigns, data segmentation, and optimization. It shares insights into some of the most common goals supported by programmatic and returns marketers have seen from programmatic campaigns. 
  • Here's Another Microsoft App Powered By Bing Technology
    Office 2016 will have a Tell Me search tool to find commands in Excel, PowerPoint and Word. The feature called Insights enables users to find contextual information while reading documents, enabled by Bing, Microsoft's search technology. 
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