• Google Opens Its Wallet In Lobby Efforts
    Google is ramping up its lobbying efforts in Brussels as the European Union antitrust investigation advances. Spending rose to about 4.3 million last year, according to The Guardian. In an effort to defend its actions, the Mountain View, Calif. company has opened its checkbook to spend more than Apple, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter and Uber combined -- but not as much as Microsoft.
  • Should Search Engines Regulate To Reduce Piracy?
    The Russian telecom watchdog Roskomnadzor says it will create a working group to look into the regulation of search engine results, reports TorrentFreak It is designed to make pirated content more difficult to find. Those involved want search engines like Yandex to either demote or entirely remove infringing sites from search results.
  • Star Wars Most Clicked-On Toys In Paid Search
    AdGooroo examined U.S. Google Desktop Text Ad clicks on 108 Star Wars toy keywords from Nov. 15 through Dec. 13 to determine the most popular items. The findings may surprise you.
  • Google's Year In Search According To You
    What did people search for in 2015? These findings are the result of Google’s Year In Search -- news about what people cared about. Google News Lab created a comprehensive package, one that used trillions of queries as its data pool. The results are presented as raw search numbers, downloadable datasets, interactive elements, and embeddable components.
  • Microsoft Rebrands Philanthropic Arm
    Microsoft has renamed its giving efforts as Microsoft Philanthropies. “The move follows the expanded mandate of the Redmond company’s legal and citizenship affairs group following former General Counsel Brad Smith’s promotion to company president,” The Seattle Times reports. “The group will oversee the company’s existing efforts.”
  • Google's BigQuery Cloud Platform Gets Better Cost Control Features
    BigQuery, Google’s SQL-based Big Data analytics service, got an update Tuesday that makes it easier for users to stream large amounts of data right into their databases, while avoiding major query costs. The service provides better cost controls. The company also introduced audit logs, making it easier for IT administrators to track what users do on the service.
  • Google Asks For Donations For Public Schools On Santa Tracker Site
    Google is asking visitors to its Santa-tracking site to help fund a special needs project on DonorsChoose.org. The company is helping to double the impact by matching donations this December by 50%, until it reaches a goal of $1 million. The organization supports public schools and classrooms. It's a site where public school teachers across America can post classroom project requests on the site to receive help in funding for everything from pencils to books.
  • Microsoft Works With NORAD To Track Santa
    Microsoft has once again collaborated with North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) to provide the young at heart and kids of all ages with access to Santa. In addition to tracking Santa worldwide, Microsoft also brings an online holiday-themed coloring book exclusive on Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge, a new image carousel of cities Santa visits and info from Bing to educate visitors on the different locations -- as well as Cortana integration to seek Santa’s whereabouts using voice commands.
    • Mobile Paid-Search Techniques
      Every paid-search advertiser should understand the bidding process of mobile auctions and how it differs from desktop auctions. So Dusty Vegas walks through ways to identify user behavior, capturing clicks by customizing ads, maxing out ad extensions, perfecting mobile bid adjustments, and asking for the necessary information in online forms.
    • Google Search Terms Identify Growing Hate For Muslims In U.S.
      It may not be the best news when it comes to unity and peace for Americans living in the U.S., but The New York Times has identified a correlation between anti-Muslim searches and anti-Muslim hate crimes by using weekly data from 2004 to 2013. The data identifies a growing hate for Muslims. The data was run after the San Bernardino, Calif. massacre just minutes after the media first reported the shooters had a Muslim-sounding name identifies from Google search data shows the distaste. In California phrases with “Muslims” turned into “kill Muslims.” And the rest of America searched for the phrase “kill Muslims” with about the ...
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