• Double Or Nothing For Paid Clicks
    Mike Flemming tells us how to double paid search clicks without raising the budget. He explains that keyword phrases aren't always obvious, and it's important to keep a running list of words that might attract potential customers. Those words could lead to more lucrative, but less expensive keyword terms and markets.
  • Winners of Project 10^100
    Google announced the winners of its Project 10^100 contest, in which entrants shared their ideas for changing the world. People from more than 170 countries submitted more than 150,000 ideas. Google selected 16 big ideas and asked the public to vote for their favorites. The five ideas that received the most votes were the winners.
  • Bing Cha-Ching Cashback
    Bing replaced Cashback with Bing Rewards, which offers points for searching: 1 point for 5 searches and 250 point for signing up, according to George Michie. People can redeem points for prizes, gift cards or charitable donations. He tells us there are a few strings attached to participating in the program, however.
  • How To Optimize Video
    SEO experts need to know how to optimize video as it becomes more prevalent in social sites. Danny Dover discusses the metrics search engine used to look at video content, ways to optimize titles and descriptions, and how to create site maps that may contain the thumbnail of the video.
  • Web Analytics With Google's Gurus
    Avinash Kaushik and Nick Mihailovski answer questions about Web analytics, ranging from how to get more than five columns of data, to granting read access to some team members without giving them admin access. The 36-minute video is filled with tips about Google Analytics.
  • SEO Mistakes CEOs Make
    Stephen Chapman believes C-Level execs don't understand SEO. Many get hung up on the idea that ranking for a particular keyword holds no value for their company. While generating leads and conversions through rankings isn't necessarily the responsibility of your SEO guru, there are many SEO agencies who feel it should be. Chapman agrees. He also thinks execs must let go of the keywords they think should rank high and discover the ones customers actually relate to.
  • How To Improve Click-Through Rates
    How to define a click-through rate and identify high ones that might become bad for business are two of several topics Jenny discusses in a continuing series of paid search tips.
  • 10 PPC Tips For Niche Markets
    Don't wing it, put best practices first, and use moderate granularity. These are among the 10 tips Andrew Goodman serves up to help marketers improve paid search campaigns in small markets. He explains why marketers can't manage these campaigns the way large campaigns get managed. Rather than "suck" the money from ad budgets, Goodman suggests ways to gain better results by working within the limitations of a market that provides much less feedback.
  • Marketing Tips From Sir Richard Branson
    In person, Sir Richard Branson is larger than life. Ann Handley details some takeaways from a marketing conference in Indianapolis where he spoke. She says his speech has resonance for small-business owners struggling to differentiate themselves in their markets. Among the topic Branson talked about: seeing things through the customer's eyes, positioning the brand, and having a sense of humor.
  • One On One: Geordie Carswell
    Aaron Wall asks Geordie Carswell in an interview how often search engines lead advertisers astray, when it makes sense for advertisers to use automated optimization tools, and why it's more accurate to compare Facebook Ads to Google's Display Network, and much more. In this very long interview, the two also discuss how to tie SEO to PPC.
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