• California Issues Driverless Car Permits To Google, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen
    The California Department of Motor Vehicles is issuing permits to Google, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen to operate self-driving cars on public roads. The three companies will test 29 cars. The permits require a backup human to sit in the front seat to monitor the driving.
  • How To Know Content Works
    Paddy Moogan talks about content creation and how to verify having a good idea. He takes us through a checklist of ways to improve content creation. The strategy is pretty simple when marketers remember to keep it simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, and emotional when creating the content. One method least discussed in the industry involves finding positive or negative sentiment about target audiences, and using that to connect with consumers. In other words, finding the pain points can help marketers discover solutions to problems, and finding the reasons that create a positive feeling can help give more back.
  • Microsoft Bing Scores With NFL Predictions
    Microsoft Bing's prediction engine has added NFL football to its repertoire. The Business Insider tells us the predictions had a better outcome than the 9-7 win-loss record that Las Vegas favorites in the first week of the season. Vegas and Cortana only differed on one game last week: New Orleans vs. Atlanta. Vegas had the Saints as the favorite, while Cortana gave the Falcons a 61.4% chance to win outright. The Falcons won 34-31 in overtime. Perhaps it can do the same for search engine marketing.
  • When To Bid On Branded Terms
    Diane Pease gives marketers several things to think about when bidding on their branded terms. She believes that bidding on branded terms can provide benefits like higher click-through rate (CTR), and they help promote the brand alongside the organic results. The downfall: bidding on a company's brand terms can become costly -- there's competition also bidding on those same terms. Marketers should ask and answer these five questions to keep campaigns lean.
  • SEO: Think Topics Rather Than Keywords
    Gianluca Fiorelli explains how "Topical Hubs" have become more important to search engine marketers with the introduction of Google's Hummingbird algorithm, which increases the weight Google gives to semantics and thematic consistency of sites. He believes marketers need a new understanding of semantic technology to better optimize sites for this kind of for search queries, especially conversational query. Think in topics, not keywords, and the connection between them. Here's how.
  • A Checklist To Create Better Ad Copy
    Oliver Becker takes marketers through the steps of how to create better ad copy, from making it relevant to giving it the power to attract readers. Use specific call-to-action terms, and tell readers how they can provide benefits. Don't forget the basics like including specific keywords that you will bid on within the ad text. Here's Becker's checklist.
  • How A Different Yelp Ruling Could Have Changed Marketing
    The U.S. District Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit last week affirmed a lower court's decision in Yelp's favor suggesting that it never changed how reviews of an animal hospital and dentist, among others, changed the way their businesses were presented on the site. Another aspect of the court's judgement received more attention because it suggests the behavior would not have been considered extortion. Vauhini Vara explains.
  • Tips For Using Google AdWords Callout Extensions
    Miranda Miller explains the advantages of Google AdWords callout extension tool. She tells us why we should use the tool, and outlines tips and tricks to get started. For example, Google will not allow the duplication of text in callouts, marketers cannot use dynamic keyword insertion for callout text, and gimmicky symbols or emoticons are not allowed.
  • BLiNQ Secures $15.1 Million Series B Funding
    BLiNQ Networks, which supports mobile broadband services, has raised $15.1 million in Series B funding, bringing the company's total financing to $32.5 million. The round was led by WIN Fund LP and included Kensington Global Private Equity Fund as a new investor. Existing investors BDC Capital, New Venture Partners and Summerhill Venture Partners also participated in the round.
  • Alternatives To Google's Exact-Match Keyword Removal
    Rand Fishkin takes marketers through strategies to deal with Google's recent removal of exact-match bidding capabilities and keyword targeting in AdWords. In the video, he talks about the implications of the change, and offers tips for the most effective research. The changes begin this month, September 2014. Among the suggestions, Bing-Yahoo still reports referral data, he explains. Use those referrals to help infer relative quantities and relative performance on a per keyword basis in Google.
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