• How Google Rewards Republishing
    Rand Fishkin writes in a post that Google rewards publishers for republishing, so he steps through the hows and whys. He tells marketers that if a piece of content is a hit, identify the formula and update that content once it occurs. Fishkin explains why it works, outlines three potential process, and describes how Google rewards publishers. 
  • Improvements To Google DoubleClick Search
    Google has made several improvements to DoubleClick Search such as mobile and tablet bid adjustments for Bing Ads campaigns. Google says now it's easier for marketers to adjust to Unified Device Targeting (UDT) in DoubleClick Search with mobile and tablet bid adjustments for Bing Ads that work just like mobile bid adjustments for AdWords. The other improvement comes to optimize mobile bid adjustments on Yahoo Japan. Marketers can set adjustments at the ad group level that will trump adjustments at the campaign level. Anthony Chavez explains.
  • The Lead-Gen Strategy That Increased Paid-Search Revenue
    Cassie Oumedian tells us how one company created success by using a lead-generation strategy to increase revenue through paid-search advertising. She walks through the objective, the challenge, and the solutions. Overall, the strategy increased engagement by 64% at a cost per acquisition of 55% lower than previously seen for an order.
  • Bing Tells You When Recipes Are Available With Images
    Microsoft added a feature to Bing Wednesday it calls recipe badges. When searching for food, Bing now tells searchers when the image has a recipe attached to either cook, bake, or fry. The chef’s hat badge on the bottom left corner of any Bing recipe image search will tell the searcher when there's a recipe available. 
  • Mobilizing The Optimization
    Heading into the holidays, marketers will need to think more seriously about mobile optimization. Brands have begun to report that more than half of Web traffic comes from mobile devices, with a majority coming from smartphones. Rico Chan points to a global Yahoo report that conducting search in mobile mode has become a daily habit for smartphone dominant users. The report found users tend to switch from a PC to a smartphone for email, search, and shopping, while games, content, and video tend to be viewed on larger screens. Chan explains.
  • Righting The Google Panda Myth
    Marie Haynes points to a Google hangout led by John Mueller, detailing how nearly all Web sites has some sort of duplicate content. Some may exist because of content management systems that set up multiple tag pages, or an ecommerce store that carries several sizes of a product and has a unique URL for each size. While she doesn't have all the answers, Haynes provides some facts to open the discussion and improve the ways the search community looks at the Google Panda algorithm.
  • Voice Assistants Like Apple Siri Become Latest Hack
    Seems the making of a science fiction movie, but it's not. Voice search has become the latest hack. ANSSI researchers, a French government agency devoted to information security, have found the can use radio waves to silently trigger voice commands on any Android phone or iPhone that has Google Now or Siri-enabled. That's if the smartphone also has a pair of headphones with a microphone plugged into its jack. While there are a lot of ifs, the headphone's cord is used as an antenna, exploiting its wire to convert surreptitious electromagnetic waves into electrical signals that appear to the phone’s operating ...
  • Kordestani Leaves Google For Twitter
    Omid Kordestani has left Google, where was chief business officer, to join the executive board of Twitter just more than a year after taking over from Nikesh Arora. Kordestani had been at Google since 1999, about employee number 11, per reports, is credited with being at the helm of the company’s first revenue-generating activities.
  • Google Drops Chrome Desktop Notifications
    Google said Wednesday it will remove the notification center from Windows, Mac, and Linux in the upcoming release. The notification center on Chrome OS will remain unchanged. It turns out that many Chrome users disabled the notification center. 
  • Yahoo Gemini Tips
    Jennifer Johnstone steps through ways to get the most from Yahoo Gemini. She provides top recommendations for search campaigns such as making a duplicate of the campaign structure from either Google or Bing to cut down on setup time. Marketers can change the campaign later, if needed. When copying campaigns, make sure to decrease the cost per click significantly. Today, Gemini has much lower CPCs than other channels. Johnstone explains.
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