• How To Bring A Human-Like Experience To The Brand
    If consumers don't feel as if they are interacting with a brand whose employees show compassion and understanding they will likely lose any connection they have with and begin to look elsewhere for one to which they can relate. Econsultancy suggests "humanizing" the brand through content. We've all heard it before, but here are some reminders. Focus on the behavior, goals, and needs of the target consumers. Write for people, not bots. Tell a story. Listen and respond to consumers' needs.
  • Google Analytics Rolls With Redesigned App
    Since data is quickly becoming one of the more important pieces of a marketing campaign, Alphabet released a redesigned Google Analytics mobile app for Android and iOS that works in 39 languages and in all available countries. The redesign gives marketers an overview of their data in real-time, goes deeper into reports and segments with an ability to customize their mobile dashboard, and lets marketers view audience by behavior, conversions and e-commerce in one place.
  • Microsoft and Google Make Nice
    Microsoft and Google have agreed to drop pending regulatory complaints against each other, Re/code reports. “The pair have also agreed that they will try to work among themselves to settle any future issues before running to regulators,” it notes. “Neither company made any product commitments to one another as part of this deal.”
  • Rocket Fuel's Programmatic Platform Ties In Merkle Data
    Rocket Fuel said Wednesday that Merkle’s DataSource is now available through its programmatic marketing platform. The company said the platform features Moment Scoring technology, which is designed to learn what makes one marketing action more likely than another in a specific moment.
  • Google Glitch Takes Down Third-Party Services
    A Google outage for companies using OAuth, a third-party tool used to log into third-party services, went down Tuesday, reports Mashable. The outage affected organizations that use Google Apps and depend on Google OAuth for access to services such as Gmail, Calendar and Drive. The Google services still worked, but the OAuth outage affected logins to third-party services.
  • EU Expected To Charge Google Over Apps
    The European Union plans to issue formal antitrust charges against Google for allegedly abusing the dominance of its Android mobile-operating system, reports The Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the situation. The charges are expected to revolve around smartphone makers and mobile carriers using Android. The makers and carriers must load a folder of Google apps on their devices consumers use if they offer any of the company’s services, including search.
  • Google Introduces Mobile Voice Navigation, Similar To Search
    A new voice feature from Google for Android devices called Voice Access now in beta allows users to move around the screen, jump to other screens and open apps using voice commands, such as "Open Chrome," rather than typing the words. Apple also has its own iPhone technology called VoiceOver, which reads whatever you tap on the screen, according to CNET.
  • Google Blocks Searchers From Sites With Deceptive Download Buttons
    Google said they are now block searchers from accessing Web sites containing deceptive download buttons by serving a red warning block on the page after the user clicks on the search result that warns "deceptive site ahead." Google said it will continue to fight against unwanted software and social engineering to improve safe browsing techniques and help more people stay safe online.
  • Mississippi Lawyer Names Google Search An Accomplice In Crime
    The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Friday that Google had to answer a subpoena after the Mississippi attorney general in Jim Hood, who first subpoenaed Google in 2014 for helping criminals find pirated music and illegal drugs, tried again to get the company into court. Inverse calls Hood's motivation "questionable," because he has strong ties to the Motion Picture Association of America. Inverse explains
  • Search Guru Chris Copeland Steps In As Yieldbot President
    One of the best known search and technology experts in the advertising industry and a former MediaPost Search Insider Summit Emcee took the helm at Yieldbot. Chris Copeland, former chief digital officer at GroupM, a division of a WPP-owned media buying division for emerging technologies, stepped in as president at Yieldbot. He will focus on building Yieldbot’s business with traditional brand advertisers and ecommerce.   
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