• Google Mobile CPCs For Branded Terms Rise Up To 30%
    Merkle released data Friday showing how Google's mobile brand cost per clicks are skyrocketing. Beginning in the final week of June, average CPCs for branded keywords jumped between 25% and 30% on smartphones compared with the beginning of May for the agency's advertisers. "By comparison, brand CPCs have held relatively steady for both tablet and desktop devices over the past couple of weeks.," writes Andy Taylor. While he writes that increased competition can impact brand CPCs for some advertisers, it's not the cause of a widespread increase in CPC. Taylor explains.
  • How To Build Smaller Keyword Sets For Better Campaign Results
    Nathan Singer gives marketers three advantages to a smaller keyword set that he draws from a real-life account where a keyword set of 2,972 was outperformed by a keyword set of 68 in what he considers "the tough, high-CPC industry of CRMs." Through examples he shows how to create a solid foundation with a strong set of keywords. He said don't be afraid to start from scratch. He shows marketers how to use that data to create a newer and better campaign.
  • How To Choose A Domain Name
    Rand Fishkin runs through some tips on what marketers should you keep in mind when choosing a new domain name. He covers eight criteria for picking a name that will work well for the company and clients. The company may want to launch a new brand, have an existing brand that's coming online, or starting an entirely new company. Any of these will require a new Web site. He writes in a post to make it brandable, easy to pronounce, short and sweet, try to use a .com, and avoid names that infringe on or sound like an existing company. Fishkin ...
  • Yahoo To Generate 1.5% of Worldwide Digital Ad Dollars This Year
    Yahoo is expected to report on its sales progress on its earnings call. eMarketer estimates the Sunnyvale, Calif., company will earn 1.5% of the worldwide digital ad dollars this year, down from 2% in 2015. The data firm points to Yahoo's focus on mobile, video, native and social as one reason the company is shrinking in size relative to its competitors. eMarketer said the company is not only losing share of the market, but is also raking in fewer ad dollars in absolute terms, with revenue down 4.7% in 2015 and forecast to drop a further 13.9% this year.
  • Bing, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter Become DNC, RNC Live Streaming Options
    The Democratic Party has unveiled plans to stream live its National Convention on Bing, YouTube, Twitter and Twitch. The convention will also be live on Amazon's Fire TV, the Apple TV, Roku players and Xbox, in case you'd rather see the nominations on a big screen. For the Republican National Convention, onlookers can catch the news live from the RNC Web site and mobile app, as well as Bing, YouTube, and Fox News.
  • Google Acquires Kifi Team To Work On Spaces
    Google has made another acquisition to build out its efforts in social apps. The team behind Kifi, a startup that was building extensions to collect and search links shared in social apps, as well as provide recommendations for further links, will join Google to work on Spaces, Google’s group chat app. Terms of the deal are not being disclosed.
  • Google To Launch Indie Games Festival
    Google wants to attract indie game developers to its platforms with an upcoming festival in San Francisco it calls, yes, Indie Games Festival. The event takes place Sept. 24, and Google is currently taking submissions for games to feature. The event will be open and free to the public. The company also plans to offer some interesting prizes, such as Tango hardware, tickets to next year's Google I/O event, and ad space in the Google Play Store. Submissions are open to developers in the U.S. and Canada with a team of 15 people or less. The Verge explains.
  • EU Files Fresh Charges Against Google
    Once again, Google finds itself facing antitrust charges from European Union regulators alleging that the search engine skews shopping results in its own favor, and unfairly restricts rival online ad platforms. “The European Commission sent the Alphabet Inc. unit two statements of objections Thursday, widening a five-year probe and increasing the risk of hefty fines for the U.S. Internet giant,” Bloomberg reports.
  • Google: How To Setup Remarketing Tags
    Google shows marketers how to setup remarketing tags on the Google Display Network. The video goes into details on the types of remarketing tags marketers can use and how to add it across your entire desktop and mobile sites.
  • Microsoft Moves Bing Speech API Into A New Brand, Cognitive Services
    Microsoft has moved Bing Speech and Spellcheck APIs under a new brand it calls Cognitive Services. In fact, the company took its Project Oxford suite of machine intelligence tools and merged it with other software interfaces to form a new package. "Microsoft Cognitive Services collection is new, not a rebrand of Project Oxford, as we are bringing together Bing, Oxford and Translator APIs," the company told The Register. Image and speech APIs pulled together under one name also include Computer Vision, Emotion, Face, among others.
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