• When B2B Marketing Just 'Feels Right'
    If you speak to the end user like a human being who responds to the same things that all humans respond to in B2C, you can be wildly effective.
  • Facebook Friends Do Not Equal Real Friends
    True friends will pick lice out of your fur -- or they would, if they were monkeys. Facebook Friends feel entitled to belittle your 10K run.
  • Apple's Magical Thinking
    Apple is providing new tech features that will create more data, while at the same time creating tech to change the way users consume and share info.
  • AI Is Ready To Enter The Publishing Game
    The editors of a Charlotte, NC newsletter experimented with letting an AI program write an issue. Here's what happened.
  • What If Video Games Were Measured Like TV Networks?
    I analyzed data for the game Smite and found it would rank as the 11th largest TV network in the U.S for males 18-34.
  • Why Banning Deplatforming, Increased Data Privacy May Help Internet
    In Florida, the legislature passed a bill that penalizes tech companies for "deplatforming" politicians. This could become a trend.
  • The Privacy War Has Begun
    Apple's App Tracking Transparency just stacked the odds very much against the advertiser. It's about time.
  • NY Tech's Future
    It's a real horse race between NYC and Silicon Valley, with New York's growth in tech measurable and extraordinary.
  • Zuckerberg Is No Safety Superhero
    Why don't I feel more elated that Facebook has decided to end its "newsworthiness" exemption to moderating politicians' posts?
  • Some Context On Buying Context Programmatically
    What will the programmatic world look like as third-party cookies start to decline? Not as different as you might think.
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