• Microsoft Reemerges As Major Digital Ad Player
    By selecting Microsoft as the technology and sales partner for its ad-supported tier, Netflix has remade Microsoft as an important digital ad player.
  • A Celebration Of Sir Paul McCartney
    Why I am writing a "Media Insider" about Paul McCartney? To celebrate how much media Sir Paul has personally created or influenced over his 80-year time.
  • The Physical Foundations Of Friendship
    When we share physical space with another human, what is the spark that causes us to want to get to know them better -- or avoid them? Ask science.
  • Disinformation, Narrative Warfare In The Coming Midterms
    Cambridge Analytica's weaponization of voter data is alive and well.
  • How My Life Changed Because Of COVID
    From shopping to travel to TV habits -- here's what's different now.
  • 5 Stories In The World Of TV, Streaming More Important Than Netflix
    Among those stories: Alternative measurement companies seem to be making real ground during this upfront.
  • You Should Always Have A Plan
    Do you sit with your team to build that plan each year? Each quarter? If you simply renew what you did before, you are destined for it to stop working.
  • Sarcastic Much?
    I fear the death of sarcasm is nigh. That would be a shame, since sarcasm can be a useful way to examine hot-button issues more objectively.
  • The Dream Of Democratization Is An Illusion
    When everyone CAN upload their content to Spotify, YouTube and TikTok, everyone DOES. And then it becomes way harder to be discovered.
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