• Boston Ad World No Longer An Old Boys Club
    We're not sure old girls club is the right way to phrase it, but women do seem to be calling the shots in the Beantown sector of Adland. Meanwhile, halfway around the world, Saatchi & Saatchi Thailand is taking a different approach to the typical egocentric, pompous chest-beating that agencies like to call self-promotion. And one industry maven wonders whether the role of media buyer is being made obsolete by programmatic buying. Also, New York-based Translation is shuttering its office in the Windy City.
  • Sadly, New Agency-Focused Reality Show Is No Joke
    No -- unfortunately it's really happening, brought to you by A&E and starring the winners of the user-generated Super Bowl ad contest to create a Doritos Super Bowl spot. Meanwhile, some of the pros out there were just kidding with their April 1st announcements, including CP+B's "undie iron" on behalf of Fruit of the Loom, and RPA's Honda Fit Kit on behalf of the carmaker. And more change is coming to FCB and JWT.
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