• Rocket Fuel Takes Nosedive In Stock Market, Blames Holding Companies
    Programmatic ad-tech firm Rocket Fuel saw its stock price fall 27% on Friday, the lowest since the firm went public in 2013. The drop is being attributed to poor fourth quarter results. Rocket Fuel CEO George John points to agency holding companies as a cause from the drop, saying, “Our experience is that agency holding companies are putting increased pressure on client-focused media teams to use their house-brand trading desks, and if not addressed this would reduce our revenue opportunity." Rocket Fuel, of course, is working hard to retain its agency business with renewed …
  • Watch Out Ad World, China Is About To Steal 'Madison Avenue'
    With a bit of logic that's twisted at best, Y&R China CCO Nils Andersson says that China will own creativity in the 21st century.
  • For F*ck's Sake! A Mood-Based Planning And Buying Approach For Radio?
    Are you kidding me? Horizon Media has announced a mood-based roadmap for planning audio investments. It's a process that they claim creates recommendations based on the emotional experience brands want to create or connect with instead of the traditional demographic-based planning and buying approach. The new approach is based on a study conducted by London-based consultancy Sparkler in partnership with iHeartMedia. The study found audio investment should align with listeners based on emotion and evolving consumption habits. Oh really? That's supposed to be a new approach? Or is this just one of those stupid repacking thingamajig agencies …
  • Agency Opens 'Idea Gallery' Because Apparently It Can't Come Up With Any Good Ideas the Usual Way
    Sometimes agencies like to open art galleries to either display their own work or the work of others to inspire creativity within the agency. Sometime agencies like to build in an entertainment space for clients and events. Sometimes agencies will erect pop-up stores because, well, because it's the cool thing to do. And sometimes agencies will throw all of this together and call it The Supermarket. Say what? Yeah -- integrated communications agency Exposure, which occupies floors 2-5 at 393 Broadway in Manhattan, is now opening the aforementioned Supermarket on the first floor. No, it's not a …
  • This Video That Describes Branding Will Make You Embarrassed You Work in Advertising
    Have you ever tried to explain what you do for work to your relatives?
  • Rob Reilly, Gerry Graf, Eric Monnet Envision Life in 2050
    As part of a campaign to promote the AICP Next Awards, which has an entry deadline of February 27, Rob Reilly, Gerry Graf and Eric Monet got together to imagine what the lives of some creatives would be like 35 years from now. The trio enlisted Grey CCO Tor Myhren, co:collective's Tiffany Rolfe, Droga5's Ted Royer and Reilly and Graf themselves. Graf, who appears to be a janitor in the future, notes that David Lubars' kids thinks he's a loser, so he reminds them that he has a Ragu commercial in the Museum of Modern Art. Myhren pines …
  • This Freelancer Gleefully Regales Experience Dealing With Agency Ineptitude
    He's called in at the 11th hour by a panicked assistant whose boss "suddenly" realized the agency didn't have the necessary skills to complete a project.
  • Relive It: Kanye West Goes Up Against Creative Directors In Quote Game
    Kanye West. The man simply cannot keep his mouth shut. Kinda like some impassioned creative directors spouting bits of wisdom to their followers. With that bit of similarity, New York-based agency Concept Farm launched "Who Said It? Kanye West or Your Creative Director." Basically, it's an online guessing game that awards you points if you correctly guess who said a particular phrase. Describing the approach, the game description reads: “Kanye West has 21 Grammys. Your creative director won a Cannes Lion in 1996. They both talk like they’re God’s gift to the earth, but the lines …
  • Leo Burnett Says Goodbye to New York
    Chicago-based Leo Burnett is closing its New York office after just 4 years. The agency had 15 staffers including CCO Jay Benjamin who left in April for Saatchi & Saatchi New York, ECD Michael Canning who left in July for 72and Sunny and Managing Director Tom Flanagan who left in January. A statement from the agency reads: “Leo Burnett has decided to close Leo Burnett New York to focus on growth opportunities with Rokkan, Leo Burnett Business, Leo Burnett Chicago and the broader global network. Leo Burnett New York created some of the most awarded, unconventional …
  • Hopefully This Newly Launched Content Agency Won't Litter the Ad World With Crap
    It's all about content. Advertising is dead, after all.
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