• Outdoor Advertising Association Pens Screed Decrying Value of Digital
    The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), as part of its earlier Feel the Real campaign, has released a white paper that works super hard to drive home the benefits of outdoor while pointing out the pitfalls on online advertising.
  • CEO of Lingerie Brand Demands Calvin Klein Remove Sexist Billboard Featuring Klara Kristin And Fetty Wap
    Heidi Zak CEO of lingerie brand ThirdLove has written an open letter (full text below) to Steve Shiffman, CEO of Calvin Klein asking him to remove the NYC billboard.
  • Agency Forces Employees To Work Just 40 Hours Per Week
    Wieden + Kennedy London thinks things have gone too far. The agency believes people who work in advertising are working far too long for their own good. Recently the agency launched a program that encourages employees to work just 40 hours each week.   As part of the plan, the agency has banned meeting before 10 a.m.and after 4 p.m. Employees are asked not to check work email after 7 p.m. and workers have been told the office closes at 4:30 p.m. on Fridays.  The program was designed and developed by W+K London Managing Director Helen Foulder. With the program, the agency hopes to make …
  • Hey Ad Agencies, Did You Know You Are Stealing Up to 80% of Mobile Users' Bandwidth?
    A recent study conducted by Enders Analysis found nearly 80% of mobile data usage can be attributed to advertising.
  • Agency Hands Minority and Female Employees Keys to Its Kingdom
    Los Angeles-based agency Phelps has finalized the transfer of ownership from the few to the many.
  • Study: Video Gamers Too Busy Killing People to Notice Your Ads
    People who play video games which involved killing, do not notice in-game ads and product placements.
  • Houston Ad Agency Partners With Tech Startup Through Airbnb-Style Sublease Arrangement
    What does an ad agency do with the extra space it ends up with but doesn't want to release?
  • RPA Gives Good Karma At SXSW With GIMI-5 Robot
    At SXSW this year RPA debuted its latest creation, GIMI-5, a robot they refer to as a "karma-bot" whose mission is to "convert Internet love into real-world love," through high-fives.
  • Agency's 'Probably A SXSW Talk' Mercilessly Mocks Increasingly Ridiculous Conference Topics
    London-based freelance creative team King Jordan, in anticipation of this year's SXSW, decided to have some fun with the increasingly inane (at least in their opinion) subject matter that makes its way into SXSW panels.
  • Popular #WomenNotObjects Video Extended to Website And New #IStandUp Video
    Not long ago, Badger & Winter Founder Madonna Badger launched a video entitled #WomenNotObjects which pointed out how common the objectification of women is in advertising. It's achieved over 1.7 million views and received quite a bit of press attention.
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