• Study: 75% of Agencies Think Streaming Video Rocks, Twitter In Decline, Programmatic TV Lags
    Agencies are taking an increased shine to streaming video and audio option, according to a fourth-quarter survey conducted by STRATA.
  • Agency's Web Series Celebrates Absurdity of Agency Life
    It must be the week for poking fun at agency life. Just this week, Zulu Alpha Kilo launched  a new website which takes a gleeful stab at the pompous pontification that resides on most agency Web sites. Now, we have Toronto-based Elemental launching a full on four part web series about agency life.   Created, according to Elemental Co-Founder Dustin Brown, as a "method of showing our clients how storytelling and content marketing can effectively be used as a channel strategy, by hiring ourselves," the series follows a day in the life of a creative intern as he deals …
  • Agency Launches New Web Site That Hilariously Mocks Every Agency Site Before It
    Zulu Alpha Kilo, that crazy agency that brought us Jingle Butts and that spec work-mocking #SayNoToSpec video is out with a new Web site.
  • Copywriter Encourages Office Sex With Launch Of 'Agency Sex Quest'
    The site's tagline explains it all: "Why only let clients f*ck us when we can f*ck each other?"
  • Erwin Penland Co-Founder Sets Up Co-Working Creative Community
    Erwin Penland Co-Founder Joe Erwin has launched something called Erwin Creates, an entity that will support the Erwin Center for Brand Communications at Clemson University and Erwin's personal consulting service. But the new, new thing will be a creative community called Endeavor.
  • Gee, Let's Talk About Diversity Again And See If Anything Actually Changes
    On the heels of #OscarsSoWhite, issues of race and diversity in media will take center stage at the 16th Annual Horowitz Cultural Insights Forum on March 9 at New York City's Edison Ballroom.
  • Agency Spotter Launches iPhone App So You Can Choose An Agency While Sitting On The Toilet
    Oh now, come on. The most productive time you spend with your phone is while you're sitting on the toilet. Admit it. You know I'm right. And if you're a marketer, who is already categorically aligned agency selection with that of garbage collection service, what better way to choose an agency then while you're sitting on the toilet taking a sh*t? So yeah, agency search entity Agency Spotter is out with an iPhone app that leverages its massive database of agency skill sets and algorithms to deftly and miraculously make perfect matches that are easy as swiping right and …
  • Bob Hoffman Skewers The Prevailing Notions That People Want Brand Experiences, Digital Is Everything And Youth Rocks
    Bob has been quite vocal about the current failings of the ad business and his latest critique is squarely aimed at those in the industry who love to pontificate on the notion that people actually love brands.
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