• How's Your Health? Lions In That Category Awarded Over The Weekend
    Cannes Lions got quickly down to business Saturday night with the Health Lions awards. Two Grand Prix were awarded but no pharma ad was deemed worthy of the top prize.
  • Tips For Cannes
    First of all, remember to pace yourself. It's going to be a long but fun week.
  • Former 'Most Interesting' Man Just Got A Lot More Interesting
    This dude has a technical side-he's been hawking Luma WiFi since late last year. And he's about to star in a new summer ad campaign for the WiFi brand which is set to launch tomorrow (June 15). Also, his beverage of choice? Tequila!
  • Barton F. Graf Hires Boatload Of New Talent
    And here's the kicker: They're going to form the nucleus of a new Graf 'agency within an agency'! Read on to get details.
  • In Sanctimonious Moves, Delta, B of A Pull Public Theater Sponsorships
    The theater's sin? Daring to put on a modern version of the Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar." If you've read anything about it ,you know Caesar looks like Trump in this version. And nybody who went to high school knows what happened to Caesar.
  • MDC Ventures Forth Where Many Companies Have Gone Before
    Maybe the firm should focus on the basics, like getting the fu*k out of the red!
  • Boulder's Latest Marketing Sometingorother: Fortnight Collective
    An agency (I think) that wants to accelerate the sh*t out of your brand marketing efforts!
  • VML 'On Boards' Class of 2017 Interns
    Literally, that is, onto a vintage TWA airliner. And you won't believe where they flew to!
  • Gunn Report Unveils Its Cannes Sweepstakes
    You read that right. A Cannes sweepstakes. From agency award tracker Gunn. Wait til you read what the prize is!
  • Embargoed News Is Not Embargoed Until The Publication Agrees To It
    I get this email earlier today from some PR person who clearly isn't steeped in the rules of the game.
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