• Starbucks Mermaid Tops Most Memorable Mascot List
    The brand does have over 14,000 outlets nationwide -- so she's kind of hard not to recognize, isn't she?
  • My How Time Flies, KSL Media Bankruptcy Case Still Ongoing
    It seems like just yesterday that KSL Media filed for bankruptcy. It was six years ago, if you can believe it. Now there are signs the case may be winding down.
  • New Agency Capability: Realty Consultant
    It seems a bit outside the scope of an agency's purview, but then again, agencies these days are expanding their offerings in ways unimaginable just a short time ago. Some are actually making products, so they can learn firsthand what clients go through when they launch a new brand.
  • WPP's Read 'Fed Up' With Trash-Talking Competitors
    The WPP chief also addressed previous reports that WPP would not compete in Accenture-led agency reviews, due to the inherent conflict of interest.
  • S4 Capital's MediaMonks Merges With European Influencer Company
    Digital content firm MediaMonks is merging with IMA, the Amsterdam-based influencer-marketing company that was founded in 2010. MM is also based in Amsterdam.
  • Mark Penn's Take On 'NYT Headlinegate'
    He told Fox News the paper "caved" big time and that it will haunt the publication for some time to come. Yeah, it's silly season.
  • NRA Sued For Using Fraudulent Marketing Practices
    NRA member David Dell'Aquila contends the organization misstated in solicitation materials how it intended to spend money from fund-raising efforts.
  • Dentsu Downgrades Full-Year Outlook As Struggles Continue
    In Japan, organic revenue fell 2.1% in the first half, partly due to a decrease in traditional media spending in the market. Organic revenue at Dentsu Aegis Network was down 1% for the half, although the Americas region fared better with 1.5% growth during the period.
  • How Marketers Can Help Suppress Gun Violence
    Marketers and Adland have a certain degree of economic leverage to help curb gun violence even if Congress won't.
  • Wunderman Thompson Adds 3 Seasoned Female Pros To Its NA Leadership Team
    The latest additions include Liz Valentine, CEO-cofounder of Portland, OR-based WPP digital agency Swift, who has been promoted to CEO WT West. The network also hired a Chief Growth Officer, Melissa Dorko, while Carrie Philpott has been tapped to run Atlanta operations.
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