• GoDaddy Founder Buys Arizona Ad Agency
    If anybody can tart up Adland more than it already is it's Bob Parsons, famous for his Super Bowl ads replete with buxomly, scantily-clad women (and press releases denouncing the networks for rejecting them). Meanwhile, halfway around the world in India it turns out that many of the ad-marketing issues there are similar to the ones Madison Avenue types deal with. Who knew! And Ramon De Leon Rises to the occasion.
  • Consumers Want More Scrooge In Their Holiday Ads
    They're cranky from all that shopping and the kids probably deserve coal this year anyway. And the staff at Nail Communications wins Gold, and lets it totally go to their heads. Also, Mekanism makes a new website with a "parallax effect." Hopefully your head won't explode when you check it out.
  • Publicis and Omnicom Could Learn A Thing or Two From Allen & Gerritsen
    As part of their integration strategy A&G and acquired agency Nieman implemented a cross-office variation of Tic Tac Toe. And if you like games, try Andrew Welding's Make The Logo Bigger. And DataLogix goes to Adland to find its new CMO. Also JWT will defend an account it has had for 65 years.
  • Did DDB Copy "Yogi's First Christmas" For John Lewis Christmas Ad?
    Suspicions aroused because both works use references to hibernating bears and alarm clocks. Sweet Baby Jesus, give it a rest people! Meanwhile, Fishbat, our Most Ridiculously Named Agency of the Day, is out to Club Internet Trolls Like Baby Seals. And, just in case you've been hibernating, SIX22 wants you to know that Thanksgiving and the start of Hanukkah fall on the same day this year. Moving along, Sir Martin is still crazy about China after all these years and Havas comes up with a new concept--integration!
  • Will Agencies Prankvertise Mike Mixson's Selfie Ad Into Flash Mob Oblivion?
    Mike buys golf clubs. As a golf shop owner you'd think he'd be selling them. MetropolitanRepublic is back in the saddle after it got caught cheating in an awards competition. The 4As head Nancy Hill sounds off on ad taxes. POG partner Publicis wants to get bigger still and how many clients would want to work with an agency called Blow? Not enough apparently as the shop has shuttered.
  • Publicis Loses Disney Media Account (Temporarily)
    With the POG merger in the works the shift seems more like an office redesign than an account shift. That's not necessarily a good thing. Separately, Edelman's new hire further illustrates the increasingly blurry line between earned and paid media and WPP digital shop VML continues down its expansion path. Also,Terminex shifts from a Dallas shop to a Chicago agency. And in New York the beautiful people toil in Adland, according to one survey.
  • Ogilvy & Mather Wins 'World Series' of Advertising Awards
    The cash bonus probably wasn't as good as the one for the real World Series but Ogilvy sure collected a lot more hardware. Ever hear of a dog with two tails? Apparently they're pretty happy. And Adland needs to grow a pair according to one industry vet while Richards/Lerma blows it out of the water for a big win. And David Droga lets Adland have it with both barrels, while three Mother vets hang out their own shingle in Austin.
  • Leo Burnett, DDB Could Lose McDonald's
    Don Thompson, CEO of the fast food chain took his agencies to task after an October sales dip. Some recent ads didn't resonate well. After all, who wouldn't want to eat the tasty grub the company serves up? Those damn ads drove people away! Moving right along, don't be a company killer--hand your entire online ad portfolio over to Eye To Ad Media. And despite WPP's public denials, rumors continue to swirl that it's buying Interpublic. Martin, just buy the company already, and the rumors will stop!
  • Surprise! Surprise! Papa John's Seeks New Agency
    The chain's CEO didn't exactly dish out the compliments to incumbent ZGroup, which declined to participate in the review. Nothing wrong with the current agency's approach that a big dose of fresh thinking and innovation can't cure! Meanwhile, Madison Avenue gets serious about helping the plight of victims from the recent typhoon in the Philippines. And DigitasLBI, Razorfish and Google get lots of press for a deal that's not that out of the ordinary.
  • Doing Decades of Duty, Doody Departs WongDoody
    Wong won't waver with watchword to keep up the good fight against those "typical agency snake pits." Hisssssssss! Speaking of retirement Yoda may exit the Vodafone campaign. Hey, he's 900 years old, give him a break. It's hard to keep up with the twenty- and thirtysomethings that dominate Adland! Meanwhle Draftfcb shows off its PR chops. And get ready all you Agencies Desperately Seeking Recognition-a new chance awaits!
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