• Agency Creates "No Internet Week"
    Sure, it's a stunt. Wonder how many participants will go totally bonkers? And ADC shoots for the moon with your help while The Horn Group helps Adland jobless reconnect. And a big thank you to Madwire Media for providing Easily the Goofiest Acronym of the Day (EGAD) and some certifiable gibberish to make it clear as the smoke they're no doubt trying to blow up somebody's...well, you get the picture. Also, are ad creatives really suited for management roles? Draftfcb is about to find out.
  • Grey Loses Account It Had For 24 Years
    That's about the average age of a digital agency employee isn't it? Wonder who woke the client up with the news that there have been a few changes in the marketing world during that time? Just ask Alex Van Gestel who found himself on the outside looking in after McKinney made a change in New York this week. There's also been a big change at Draftfcb. One thing that hasn't changed is marketers trying to leverage data into greater sales-now they call it Big Data and talk about it more, like Yahoo and Starcom. And Anomaly works with a program …
  • Clemenger Sprouts An Appendage
    And the shop comes up with some great gobbledygook to define it. And if you're looking for a job just raise your hand and SapientNitro might hire you. Unless of course it's a strategic position. And today's Most Ridiculously Named Agency, Austin-based Space Chimp Media has utilized its amazing analytics apparatus to discover that they still make steel-boned corsets and Pereira doubles down in Brazil. Carnival will be here before you know it!
  • What Ad Agency?
    David Lipman, whose 86-year-old family-founded agency shuttered a few months ago amid allegations of financial malfeasance, is now in talks with Vanity Fair. And Crispin Porter + Bogusky politely tells Arby's executives where they can shove their review process, while the new CMO at Cadillac, Uwe Ellinghaus, says he has "no plans for the time being to change." Attaboy Uwe, don't ever change. We love you just the way you are! And there's a serial CCO on the loose.
  • Havas' Jones: The Little People Will Rule Adland
    Picture a dwarf--that would be Havas CEO David Jones--looking up and shaking his fist at a Goliath-sized two-headed giant (Maurice and John) and saying "I'm going to kick your ass!" just as the giant drops a ten-ton boulder over little Davy's head. Will the pint-sized proselytizing promoter of all things swift and integrated be nimble enough to avoid be crushed? How are his programmatic skills? If content is king why aren't more agencies focused on video? Are the machines taking over? Oh, well, at least it's Friday!
  • Baby Stolen From Mom In Ad Prank
    Staffers at ad shop john st. were doing an ad for a deodorant client. They had mom sweating up a storm there for a minute, those sick little puppies. Vying for a Lion this year? Save yourself the aggravation and stress and buy a 3D printer. And why on God's Earth would you name an agency Whyness? And who is Al Ries calling "ignorant"? So many questions. But one thing's for sure: agency people love their porn!
  • Saatchi CEO Gets 'Promoted' to Director of New Business
    If he keeps up the good work he'll be sending his kids to public school in no time. And Tom Hespos is the latest marketing guru to assert that ad exchanges can be a big stinking rip-off that don't serve the best interests of advertisers. And just what kind of snake oil is native advertising anyway? Meanwhile, Space 150 has at last reached the final frontier, after 341 previous recipients of, well, read on.
  • Commerce Bank Collapses Account With Berstein-Rein
    The client wasn't certain it was "where we needed to be." It took the bank 14 years to decide that. Meanwhile, a St. Louis shop declares...how BIG it is! And stealthy too, kind of like that Reagan-era bomber. And Kramer, Markus Kramer, has ejected from the marketing seat at Aston Martin to Brand Affairs while Roth Associates and The Observatory are bonding after a six-year courtship. And MRM's Ariana Stolarz has some serious hype to live up to.
  • Mediaplus Embroiled In Rebate Scandal
    Some agencies talk transparency, others are more opaque and do things like allegedly sweep a million bucks in rebates from an account into their coffers without telling the client. Profitable move, unless of course you get caught. Meanwhile, Our ADSR (Agencies Desperately Seeking Recognition) item of the day: Deep in the heart of Texas ad shop VLG is ranked No. 7! (Make that North Texas actually.) And RPA does some not-so-tricky stuff at Halloween & Vine, while Strawberry Frog shutters an office and Sir Martin has a bad day.
  • New Adland Giant: Uni Global Advert Com
    It even has an office in Antarctica where a few people have actually been born. You may want to know what they think some day. Meanwhile the Ridiculous Agency Name of the Week Award goes to Epicosity. Sounds a little oily doesn't it? Speaking of oil, Engine, (runner-up for RANOTW) just lubed its digital works with a new acquisition and today we look at Houston agencies desperately craving recognition.
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