• UK Agency Creates Designer Holiday Cards And Gift 'Rap'
    U.K agency Joint London understands that Christmas is all about giving. And this year they've decided to give in two rather special ways. And the agency created two Web sites to help them put that notion in motion.
  • Charitable Toy Drive Leverages Ad Agency Staffers' Lazy Selfishness
    Okay -- so this charity effort from 360i is both generously charitable as well as indicative of rampant, agency-wide, obsessive selfishness. And what sort of charitable effort could result in such a dichotomy? Well, one that aims to give toys to children in need -- and at the same time, highlights the quirky behavior of agency types.
  • Naked Santa Poses For San Francisco Creatives In Effort to Raise Money For Charity
    Last Wednesday, at an event that would either bring you a great degree of merriment, hilarity or disgust depending upon your proclivities for naked, chubby middle-aged men, San Francisco-based Heat hosted Sketchy Claus (http://www.sketchyclaus.com/). And yes -- the event was indeed quite sketchy.
  • This Ad Agency Is Getting (Rightly So) the Shaft From the FTC
    The Federal Trade Commission is taking action against two auto dealer groups and one ad agency for violating FTC guidelines that prohibit deceptive advertising related to the cost of buying or leasing a car.
  • JWT Cites 2015 Trends and Cultural Shifts to Watch in New Report
    JWT is out with a new report entitled The Future 100, a deep dive into the trends and cultural shifts to watch in 2015. The report examines the "what" and the "why" across several categories including Culture, Beauty, Brands, Food and Drink, Innovation, Lifestyle, Luxury, Retail, Sustainability and Technology.
  • That Morning-After Pill Agency Prescribed Itself Some Witty Elf On The Shelf Medication
    Over at the questionably named Plan B, a wisecrackin', snarky life-sized Elf on the Shelf is the agency's answer to holiday cheer. But rather than offering up squeaky clean words of kindness, this Elf on the Shelf sees it like it is and doesn't hold back.
  • McKinney Launches Super-Cool GingerbreadBNB, An Airbnb-Like Holiday Charity Effort
    So what's McKinney up to this holiday season? Agency employees put their collective heads together and came up with a "holiday card" effort that would instantly get people into the holiday spirit at the press of a button and feel good about giving in honor of clients, partners and friends.
  • Agency's #SecretSantaSacrifice Aims to Stop Old People From Dying
    Rather than sending out a holiday card of organizing a played out Secret Santa event, social media agency We Are Social has launched #SecretSantaSacrifice, an effort to raise money to help prevent old people from dying from the cold weather around Christmas time. No, seriously.
  • Grey London Creatives Introduce 'Beard Ornaments'
    Facial hair. It's had a long and ever changing history within the ad community. From the goatees to the chin strip to soul patch to the chin curtain, ad men have long been a fan of facial hair. But lately, it's been all about the full-on Santa-style beard. The more the better. And, of course, there's nothing wrong with that. To each his own.
  • Red Roof Inn Launches RFP Microsite Seeking Digital Marketing Agency
    Let's just call this public service journalism. You've heard of Red Roof Inn, right? Well the motel chain is looking to "rebuild our digital footprint across web, mobile and social." Yes. They are seeking a digital marketing agency "with deep e- and m-commerce experience" to "develop and deploy digital assets including principle website , property websites, mobile app and website, social assets and content assets to maintain leadership in the Economy Travel & Hospitality sector."
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