• Australian Ad Exec Who Likes To Get Drunk Says Agency People Under 30 Don't Drink Enough
    Nick Swifte who works at Dentsu Mitchell says younger agency people don't drink enough.
  • Horizon Media Dubbed One Of The Best Place To Work In Los Angeles
    Horizon is ranked number 12 in the large company category.
  • Here's Why Kraft Foods Is Looking For A New Media Agency (And Why Switching Won't Make A Difference)
    Choosing a new media agency will have no affect on the success of Kraft Foods no matter how much more awesome some new media agency is at beating the heads of potential consumers.
  • Agency Gives Up Summer Outing To Feed Less Fortunate
    Rather than do the usual thing on an agency summer outing, London-based MEC decided to do something a bit more adult.
  • It Seems Harvey Keitel Won't Be Appearing In Ogilvy & Mather's E*Trade Ads
    Apparently a deal was in the making that would have had Harvey Keitel appear in a series of commercial for brokerage firm E*Trade.
  • Agency Proves People Will Watch Anything On YouTube
    Solve embarked upon an experiment asking "What it we posted a blank video on YouTube -- would anyone watch?" Over 100,000 people have watched the video since it launched.
  • iCrossing Exec Wins Google Search Excellence Award
    Susan Scholler, senior associate director of search at ad agency... oops, I mean marketing engagement agency iCrossing, has been awarded a 2015 Google Search Excellence Award. The Google Search Excellence Awards are presented annually to the top individuals at Google's partner advertising agencies to highlight excellent work and thought leadership in search marketing. The award is based on nominations from Google's sales teams, and winners are selected by a panel of Google sales management. Of the win, Scholler said: "It is such an incredible honor to be recognized by Google. It has …
  • Acknowledging Life Outside Metropolitan America, Appalachian Agency Aims To Serve Underdogs
    For an ad agency, it sure would be nice if every client was a household name, but that's just not how things work out in life. Sometimes, rather more often than not, ad agencies have to handle clients that no one has ever heard of. Blacksburg, Virginia-based The Perks Agency -- which handles no name clients like Campus Automotive, IST Research, Valley Landscaping and the Glavé Kocen Gallery -- is perfectly fine with that and is more than happy to serve clients they deem underdogs. Of the approach, Founder and Creative Director Dave …
  • Saatchi & Saatchi Art Director Makes Book Out Of Funny, Outrageous And Embarrassing Overheard Dialog
    Everyone in advertising has their pet project, right? Saatchi & Saatchi Art Director Mete Erdogan's is a book titled "Eavesdropper; Overheard On The Streets."
  • Ad Execs Cringe At The Idea Of An Agency-Wide Dress Code
    In an industry that prides itself on its creativity, it's not surprising that there are not legions of fans in favor of a would-be ad agency uniform. On the other hand, it's pretty clear that quite a few people in the ad agency business need some serious guidance when it comes to getting dressed in the morning.
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