• I've Just Been Promoted To Chief Sous-Vide Officer (Whatever That Means)
    The fun-loving folks at UM Studios recently launched a website that generates a WFH "C-Level" title for you, based on a short survey. Hmmm, guess I don't have my chef on as much as I thought.
  • Study: Brands Must Adapt To Paradoxical Consumer Behaviors As Lockdown Lifts
    Brands may encounter "revenge spending" by consumers who will overcompensate for the lack of spending opportunities in lockdown. A GroupM study addresses such consumer behavioral "paradoxes" as conspicuous consumption is out and conscious spending is in. Brands are advised to position as "a brand for everyone" and to communicate "with empathy and reliability."
  • Experiential/Events Collective Sets Its Sights On Battling The Pandemic
    Czarnowksi Collective made a quick pivot to complete six desperately needed hot-zone field hospitals.
  • Healthcare Company And Its Agency Want A New 'Verified' Icon To Combat COVID-19 Fake News
    The new icon would recognize and verify scientists, doctors and public-health officials researching the COVID-19 virus and providing accurate information about it.
  • Study: Marketers Say Their Content Creating Approach Is Inefficient
    During the pandemic of course a pretty intense spotlight has been placed on content efforts as marketers have struggled-sometimes successfully, often times not-to hit the right tone when messaging to consumers.
  • Report: Zoom Sees 2000% Spike In New User Interest During Pandemic
    Social-listening platform Talkwalker and marketing-analytics firm Trust Insights are out with a new report about changing social-media habits during the crisis.
  • The CMO Role Isn't Dead, Just Evolving
    In a WFA study, half or more of those responding believe responsibilities should include sustainability, data ethics and analytics, brand purpose and innovation.
  • WPP CEO Read Shares The Holding Company's Reopening Strategy
    Some offices are already open in Asia and Europe. But in places like New York and London, significant numbers of staffers aren't expected back until September or October and maybe later.
  • Wren: Most Omnicom Employees Will Continue To WFH 'In Some Way' After Office Reopenings
    The company is exploring ways to improve the work-from-home experience. Details to follow. The firm has also extended its general WFH policy until June 15.
  • Initiative Kisses Revlon Goodbye, There's A RedHouse Over Yonder
    Revlon established in-house agency The Red House a couple of years ago and reported total ad expenses of $507 million for 2018. The company is on a mission to cut annual expenses by at least $200 million.
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