• Restaurant Employees To Benefit From This Year's National Slider Day Celebration
    White Castle is throwing a "Slider Jam" virtual party featuring Dude Skywalker.
  • Is It Time For Marketers To 'Rethink Everything' About Their Organizations?
    According to a new survey from the WFA, 84% of those polled say it is time to do just that. The same percentage indicated the pandemic has already accelerated digital transformation.
  • New Agency Layoff List Launches
    Two firms have joined together in a pro bono effort to help some of those who have been laid off get their names out there in front of would-be employers.
  • Pereira O'Dell, Adland Veteran Rebecca Rivera 'Save The Internships'
    Well, at least in New York. Their program could serve as a model for agencies and university systems around the country to bolster this year's internship ecosystem.
  • Cheers To Mom: Do Nothing On Her Special Day
    Beer and wine brands are celebrating the holiday and so is Sling TV with a call to action or more accurately non-action. That's what she really wants from you on Sunday.
  • Another Celebration Upended By The Pandemic-Happy Mother's Day!
    Mom's special day is about to get the Zoom treatment in many parts of the country where shutdown restrictions are still in place. But that's not stopping agencies and marketers from marking the holiday.
  • Barbarian Teams With Former Basketball Star Jay Williams On Lifestyle/Entertainment Projects
    In what it's calling an industry first, the agency has signed Williams to be its chief entertainment and lifestyle advisor. Williams is already working with the agency on projects for a Fortune 100 CPG company and a well-known DTC lifestyle brand. Details are expected to be announced shortly.
  • Omnicom's The Integer Group Launches Adaptive Retail Division
    The new unit is tailored to address rapid changes in shopper behavior both online and physical as state and local authorities begin to ease shutdown restrictions.
  • IPG Cancels In-Person Annual Meeting, Which Will Now Be Held Virtually
    COVID-19 worries forced the decision, which was announced Monday after the close of stock-market trading.
  • Shopper Agency Unveils Device To Combat 'Pandemic Anxiety'
    Miami-based Outform is out with a new temperature reading device for the retail sector. All part of the new normal, I guess.
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