• Israeli Burger Chain Owner Defends 'Sexy Not Sexist' Ad Like Trump Defending His 'Bleeding From Wherever' Comment
    An Israeli burger chain, Agadir, is under fire for an ad that shows a blonde woman in a bikini at the knees of a fully dressed man.
  • Indiegogo Campaign to Fund Extension of #ILookLikeAnEngineer Campaign
    You may have noticed a lot of activity surrounding the #ILookLikeAnEngineer hashtag over the last few days. It was created by OneLogin Platform Engineer Isis Wenger in response to reactions to an ad created by her company that features her.  The campaign, in the form of San Francisco BART and MUNI boards, certainly garnered reactions -- but not necessarily the intended reaction, which was to recruit engineers for OneLogin. You see, Isis Wenger is a pretty woman, and naturally, a sad and overwhelming majority of people have a really hard time believing that a pretty woman could …
  • A Collective F*ck Was Just Uttered By Everyone At Coors Light Agency Cavalry Chicago
    On Thursday afternoon, Cavalry Chicago was given the boot as agency of record for Coors Light as well as other Coors family brands.
  • New Omnicom Trading Desk CEO Not A Fan Of Marketers Taking Programmatic In-House
    Omnicom has just hired former Merkle GM of Digital Media Megan Pagliuca to head up the agency's trading desk, Accuen.
  • Agency Thanks Donald Trump For Supporting The Republican Party
    Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has progressed from clown car buffoon into what some believe to be a full blown threat to the Republican party. This includes Boulder-based TDA_Boulder which is out with a new video encouraging Trump to continue coming to the aid of the Democratic party. In the video, agency staffers say, "I hope Donald Trump wins the Republican primary. Sure, he's a bigot. Big bigot. But polls indicate he could never win a general election. So every time Trump says something offensive to me or anyone else, he's one step closer to putting a …
  • Former Ogilvy Creative Slams Unilever For Mercury Pollution With Viral Video
    In the video, Ashraf sings, "Unilever dumped toxic mercury in Kodaikanal, poisoning its workers and the forest..."
  • Watch Out Agencies! CMO Club Has Launched A Yelp-Like Ad Agency Rating Service
    CMO Club has launched what it's calling a vendor rating program that will rank and categorize agencies and other firms into 18 categories.
  • Martin Sorrell Says IOC Needs To Reach Millennials Between Two-Year Olympic Cycle
    Speaking at the International Olympic Committee meeting on Sunday, WPP CEO Martin Sorrell said the Committee needs to make it a priority to connect with and stay connected with younger generations during the two-year span between games. Pointing out that live coverage is the IOC's biggest asset, Sorrell said: "Live sports coverage is the last bastion of high-value traditional programming. Most consumers want to watch videos when and where they choose. But they can't do that with live sports. Its power is its immediacy." Sorrell suggests that between games the IOC increase its presentation of …
  • Yawn. Yet Another Marketer Argues Agencies Are Dead
    For years now, hundreds of articles have been written about the death of the traditional ad agency.
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