• On Second Thought: Is The :29 The New :30?
    hris Hayes, CMO of Interpublic's HUGE, kicked off the second day of the VIdeo Insider Summit in Montauk, Long Island this morning with a keynote presentation showing the strategy behind the DUMBO shop's viral video campaign for client Samsung's Smart TV with Motion Control. The new rule of thumb for video success, he suggested, may not be Madison Avenue's ubiquitous 30-second spot, at least not by a second.
  • What Agencies Want In Exchange For Big Video-Buying Commitments
    It's the big question looming over MediaPost's Video Insider Summit, this week. What will convince agencies to shift a greater share of their yearly budgets from TV to digital video -- and do so early in true upfront fashion? Well, for starters, interesting digital brand integrations and extensions would be nice, Joseph Tam, Partner and Senior Digital Director at MEC, told summit attendees on Thursday. That's in addition to the obvious expectation of better negotiating costs in exchange for committing to digital video during the traditional upfront season, Tam said. "We don't have to buy [video] during the upfront, but …
  • Nielsen Who?
    "Integrated Video Buys" panel moderator Kathryn Koegel (Chief of Insights and Founder of Steampunkt Collaborative) kicked her session off at the Video Insiders Summit by zinging the elephant NOT in the room, Nielsen.
  • It's The End Of Reach & Frequency As We Know It, And Mark Papia Feels Fine
    In fact, long-time digital ad vet Papia thinks it's being replaced by REM. No, not that REM, but a new mix he calls, "reach and engagement and measurement."
  • Video Summit Panelists: Maybe It's Time To Make Reach & Frequency A Little Less Frequent
    The consensus sentiment of the opening "When Will The Online Video Market Truly Arrive?" panel was old school reach & frequency planning no longer makes sense -- at least not where online video (and maybe even audio) is concerned.
  • Digital video: Still an TV-video afterthought
    Digital video still isn’t integrated well with traditional television media buys. Speaking at MediaPost’s Video Insider Summit, Susan Parsons, senior strategist of The Media Kitchen, says broadcast teams who are put in charge of digital video still view digital as “added value. There is a huge disconnect.” Parsons says true integration is needed. Mary Pocsik, executive director of media services, Geometry Global, says, “agencies are perpetuing this issues.” Pocsik says media should be “channel agnostic.” ‘“A lot of the bigger advertising and network executives came up through TV," says Gene Tiernan, executive vp/group director …
  • ID Media's Baliber: When Will Video's 5% Solution Moment Happen?
    Following his keynote conversation at the VIdeo Insider Summit in Montauk, Long Island, ID Media's Michael Baliber acknowledged that at least part of the problem with online video's ad market share has to do with the legacy models of advertisers and agencies, and the fact that they're still thinking from a traditional TV planning and budgeting framework.
  • ID Media's Baliber On The Chicken & Egg Of Video Supply & Demand
    After dining on a sumptuous breakfast of eggs flown in from Austin, TX, (that's another story), attendees at the Video Insider Summit in Montauk, Long Island, got a good dose of chicken and egg analogies during an opening keynote conversation with Interpublic's ID Media's Michael Baliber.
  • From The Earbuds Of Babes (And Husbands Too)
    Video Insider Summit programming chair and de facto emcee Cathy Taylor kicked the agenda off this morning at the blustery Montauk Yacht Club with a bit of friends and family bluster, er, anecdotes that most attendees could relate to: how video consumption has been changing in her own household.
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