• Acompli Lets Users Email Location & Calendar Invite Directly From the App
    Last week, Acompli launched yet another email organizing iOS app. Despite the crowded marketplace, this one is getting lots of ink for its productivity. The app lets users share their location without having to exit an email, which can be helpful in cases where people are trying to meet up in real time. In addition, the app has a calendar function so that users can create and accept calendar invites to their phone's calendar from within the app without having to open another app.
  • Work Email Is Only Going to Increase: Radicati Group
    Professionals will be receiving 22 percent more business email (excluding spam) by 2015 than they did three years ago. In addition, professionals will be sending 24 percent more email, according to marketing research firm Radicati Group. This isn't great news, as 60 percent of professionals are already spending on average of 13.5 hours a day keeping in touch with work emails, according to a 2012 survey by the Center for Creative Leadership.
  • U.S. Companies Are Now Required to Share Foreign Email & Cloud Data If Warrant Is Served
    U.S. Magistrate Judge James Francis in New York has ruled that U.S.-based Internet, email and online storage companies can be forced to provide data from overseas if a U.S. government entity provides a search warrant for such information. The law directly conflicts with European data protection and privacy laws.
  • AOL Reveals Email Security Breach
    AOL has revealed that a security breach could have exposed customer data for about 2 percent of its email users' accounts. The leak exposed email addresses, postal addresses, address books, encrypted passwords and encrypted answers to security questions of these users. The online giant believes that hackers used this information in the recent flood of "spoofed" emails.
  • Yahoo & AOL's New DMARC Policies Make It Harder to Get Emails Delivered
    Yahoo and AOL's recent update to DMARC policies to reject email from messages in the DKIM or SPF of the email doesn't match the sender. The problem with this new format is that a lot of legitimate email is failing the test and landing in getting rejected or is getting bounced.
  • Symantec Launches "Do It All Campaign"
    Data and email security company Symantec has launched a campaign called "Do It All" which highlights the company's products and services. The cross channel campaign focuses on the current risks of data security that businesses face in the marketplace. The new campaign is a rebranding effort after the dismissal of the company's CEO Steve Bennett just a few weeks ago.
  • It's Time to Close Your Facebook Email Account
    Facebook closed down its email platform earlier this year, promising to send any emails addressed to an @facebook.com email address to your current account. The problem is that while no one is using @facebook.com addresses, the addresses are still live. Forbes reporter Kashmir Hill had her @Facebook.com email spammed and began getting unsolicited emails into her real inbox. The problem was easily solved. She just had to delete her account within the general settings of Facebook.
  • EEF Calls White House to Take Position on The Email Privacy Act
    The Electronic Frontier Foundation is calling on the White House to come out with a position on email The Email Privacy Act. The bill, which has gained support from both Republicans and Democrats in the Senate, calls to update a 1986 law which allows law enforcement to read emails sent by citizens that are older than 180 days, without a warrant. The new legislation would require a warrant for law enforcement to access these emails. Federal agencies such as the DOJ do not support the new bill.
  • ReminderBaba Lets You Send Reminder Emails
    ReminderBaba is a new app that lets users send email reminders to themselves and their colleagues. The tool lets users set up a custom reminder that will send an email to a select group of people at varying timeframes such as 30 minutes from now, a particular day of the week or every Tuesday.
  • Acompli Debuts Email Productivity App
    Email startup Acompli, which is backed by $7.3 M in venture capital, has launched a new email productivity iOS app. The app is designed to address some of the issues that exist for email on smartphones such as typing on small screens, searching for files, managing contacts and integrating calendars.
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