• New Emails Raise Questions About Clinton's Defense in Email Investigation
    The Associated Press has revealed the release of a new batch of emails sent by Hillary Clinton while she was serving as secretary of state. These emails became public after requests from the conservative watchdog group. The emails raise questions about Clinton's initial explanation for why used a private email server while in office.
  • Trump Email Encourages Voters to Indict Clinton
    The Trump campaign sent out its latest email marketing message on Tuesday with a direct attach on Clinton's email investigation. The email featured the subject line: "Have you heard about the Hillary indictment?" and called on recipients to "indict Clinton" and "find her guilty of all charges."
  • CEO Changes Email Password to Go Dark on Vacation
    Brian Scudamore, CEO of O2E Brands, does not check email on vacation. And he takes this rule very seriously. So much so that he has his assistant change his email and social media passwords or six weeks every year when he takes his annual vacation. He has done this for eight years and no one has really needed to reach him that badly.
  • Trump Raised $3M From First Campaign Email
    Presumptive Republican candidate Donald Trump raised $3 million online after he sent out his first campaign email last week. Not bad, considering that more than half of these emails landed in the spam folder. According to Return Path, the email had a 60% spam rate.
  • Spammers Target Tech Journalists
    Tech journalists are being targeted in a new spam email that is in circulation. The poorly written phishing campaign claims to come from a venture capital firm called ff and looks as though it comes from the company's press contact list. The campaign is trying to steal login details from the recipients.
  • Senator Fights Bill That Would Allow FBI to Access Email Metadata
    Oregon Democratic Senator Ron Wyden has put a hold on the annual Intelligence Authorization Act, a law that gives congressional approval to the CIA and FBI's clandestine operations. Wyden argued that applying the law to Internet behavior would erode privacy rights. The provision of the authorization bill would allow the FBI to access email metadata and browsing history without a warrant.
  • Yahoo Mail Users Can Now Create Custom Designed Emails
    Yahoo has a new update for its Mail app that allows users to decorate their emails. The new Stationery feature allows users to send emails with different professionally-drawn themes. The update also includes a new tool for previewing an attachment without having to download the file.
  • Lavabit Owner Confirms It Was Invested for Snowden Leak
    Lavabit, the now defunct encrypted email provider, has confirmed that the company was investigated as part of Edward Snowden's leaks. While the news was generally known, but Lavabit had been under a gag order to confirm that the were part of the investigation. Authorities wanted the company to share an encryption key to expose all 410,000 Lavabit customers, but the founder shut down the service instead.
  • 60% of Trump's First Campaign Emails Landed in Spam Folder
    Donald Trump sent out his first fundraising email last week, and wasn't the success he was hoping for. In fact, according to Return Path 60 percent of the emails sent landed in users' spam boxes. Return Path determined the figure by evaluating the emails sent to its panel of 2.5 million active email users.
  • CoffeeCup's RED Helps SMBs Craft Email Newsletters
    CoffeeCup Software's Responsive Email Designer for Business is a new email client to the market for small to medium sized businesses. The tool, which competes with Constant Contact and MailChimp, that gives small business people templates for building emails with responsive design. The tool allows users to create rich and responsive messages and test them in various email clients.
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