• Why Email Marketers Should Use Machine Learning
    David Baker, founder of Cordial, explains why machine learning can have a bigger impact in email than in social or display.
  • What Your Analytics Team Needs To Know About GDPR
    You'll soon need a legal basis -- and consent -- to collect and process personal data under the EU's GDPR. Here's an update.
  • Holiday Emails Pulled Lower Opens, Higher Conversions In 2016
    Holiday-themed emails outpolled business-as-usual emails last year -- at least in conversions. But they generated lower open rates.
  • Duke U. Blocked 1.3 Billion Spam Emails In 2016
    Duke University inboxes receive one email for every two that are sent. The undelivered ones are spam and virus emails.
  • Email Is Thriving, Especially Among Millennials
    "Email is dead...long live email." That's the headline of a post arguing that Millennials are more likely to shop by email than older generations.
  • Should Ebay Send Emails Alerting Shoppers About Cheaper Prices?
    A critic questions eBay's practice of directing shoppers toward cheaper items.
  • Skills That Digital Recruiters Want To See
    Digital job seekers better have email marketing skills in their toolkit. Mark Miller lists eight sought-after skill sets.
  • Could A Price War Be Looming In Email Marketing?
    Microsoft could be the way to disrupting how email services are charged-not on the size of the ist but on the number of users.
  • Court Finds Firm Was Insured For Loss From Email Spoof Scam
    An insurance company will have to fork over $4.8 million to cover the loss from a email spoofing scam. A court ruled that an insured company was covered for this type of crime.
  • Hundreds Of Firms Expose Emails Through Google Groups Error
    A Google Groups error has led to the exposure of private emails and other data.
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