• Ex-Wife Of Kentucky Politico Accuses Husband in Email Blast
    Allison Burchett, the ex-wife of Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett, has sent an email blast claiming that her husband instigated a raid on her home and workplace in 2015. Tim Burchett is now running for Congress. 
  • Email Growth Hacks Through Social Media
    Email may be a reliable and cost-effective medium. But email marketers must look for new ways of reaching out to their customers — for example, with Facebook pre-targeting. Here are several email marketing growth hacks that can be conducted through social media platforms. 
  • Access Improves Email By Offering Wine To Millennials
    Wine seller Access has improved its email click-through rate by 35% and lowered the average age of new customers by 10% with a rebranding effort that focuses on Millennials. The company is devoted to bring “wine, wine lover and winemaker together,” says Mark Alexander, VP of marketing and product management. 
  • GDPR And Email Archiving: A Q&A
    Archived emails can also be a risk under the GDPR because they contain personal data. Mimecast’s Marc French discusses an issue that firms may have overlooked. 
  • Urban Airship Enhances Its Mobile Marketing Platform
    Mobile marketing company Urban Airship is adding a new level of machine learning and two new onboard channels: triggered emails and SMS. These enhancements enable the firm to predict when a mobile user is most likely to engage. 
  • Stamp Or Swoosh? Choosing Between Direct Mail And Email
    Based on the evidence, email is cleaning direct mail’s clock. But both play a role in multichannel marketing, and postal mail takes on digital attributes. Here’s the argument. 
  • Roy Moore Fundraising Email Seeks Money To Fight Accuser
    The Roy Moore campaign has sent a fundraising email to supporters, seeking donations to pay Moore’s legal expenses in a suit filed by a female accuser. Moore, the failed Alabama Senate candidate, needs $250,000 to fight the case initiated by Leigh Corfman, the email says. 
  • Music Festival Attendees Receive New High-Ticket Email Offers: Report
    Attendees of the Fyre Festival, a music event that reportedly left people stranded in the Bahamas, have received emails from a firm called NYC VIP Access, offering tickets to high-ticket events such as a $30,000-a-plate Met Gala and a $2,999 evening with LeBron James. Some worry that it is a scam. 
  • Zyklon Malware Hits Microsoft Office Users
    A dangerous new form of malware is attacking Microsoft Office users. The malware, called Zyklon, is introduced through inboxes. 
  • AT&T Calls For Net Neutrality Law And Internet Bill of Rights
    AT&T has urged Congress to pass a net neutrality law that would cover both tech companies and internet providers, and has proposed an “Internet Bill of Rights.” The latter could help ensure an open internet. AT&T took its stand in several full-page newspaper ads on Wednesday. 
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