• A Guide To Email List Scrubbing -- And 10 Tools That Can Help
    Email lists need to be updated — that is, you have to scrub them to make them as accurate as possible. Here are 10 of the best email list scrubbing tools.   
  • DuckDuckGo Offers Tool For Stripping Email Trackers
    DuckDuckGo is offering a service that it says will help consumers thwart trackers. Now in beta, it’s a free forwarding tool. 
  • A New Way Of Looking At Email Opens
    Email marketers shouldn’t just look at their open rates to gauge success. Instead, they should analyze how they compare to those achieved in other competitive campaigns. Rochelle Williams offers this infographic. 
  • Microsoft 365 Security Setting Hacked By Bad Actors
    A Microsoft 365 security setting has been hacked by malicious actors who are using it to launch automating phishing attacks. The co-opting was discovered by email security company Vade. 
  • DOJ Gives Green Light To Salesforce Slack Acquisition
    The planned purchase of Slack by Salesforce has been approved by the DOJ. The closing is expected on July 21. 
  • How To Prepare For Apple's iOS 15
    The pending release of Apple iOS 15 has many email marketers worried. Here is a six-step program that can help emailers prepare for the change.  
  • A Guide To Using Email Automation
    Email automation tools can help you automatically send the right email to the right person at the right time. But you have to know how it works. Here is a primer on how to use an automated email marketing strategy. 
  • Zoom Is Acquiring Five9 For $14.7 Billion
    Zoom will acquire cloud contact center Five9 for $14.7 billion. The Five9 platform includes email, CRM integrations and other features. 
  • What You Need In Prospecting Emails
    Prospecting emails have several requirements. For one, they have to introduce the brand. And the body copy must be truly special. Here are the elements of an effective prospecting email. 
  • A Peek Inside Relationship Marketing
    The goal of relationship marketing is to create a conversation between two people. Here’s a guide to how it works, answering the why, what and how.   
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