• Google Offers AppSheet Automations In Gmail
    Google is offering a new service to developers: A feature that will allow them to create custom apps and automation from within their Gmail inbox. The service was announced in 2019, but not many developers are leveraging these capabilities. 
  • Gmail And Outlook Users Warned Of Gift Card Email Scam
    Gmail and Outlook users are being targeted for emails that falsely claim to offer free gift cards in return for filling out a survey. The emails pretend to be from leading UK supermarkets such as Tesco and ASDA. 
  • How Email Marketers Can Survive Apple's MPP
    Email marketers are troubled by Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection which eliminates the ability to track email open rates. Here is an overview on MPP and possible workarounds—like tracking click throughs.   
  • Seven (Or At Least Six) Email Metrics You Should Be Tracking
    The open rate may be disappearing as a metric. But it’s one of only seven email marketers should track, including the bounce rate, the click-through rate and the unsubscribe rate. 
  • Email About Boston Van Gogh Exhibit Sent by Mistake
    The much-delayed opening of the Van Gogh exhibit in Boston looked like it had been postponed again due to an email blast that was sent by mistake. The show opened on Wednesday. 
  • Email Marketers Seize Opportunity In Facebook Failure
    Facebook’s failure has opened the door for email marketers to capitalize on the outage. Several have already responded with emails that address the episode. 
  • Four Tactics That Can Improve Email Campaigns
    Email can drive sales for both small and large businesses. It also can help them engage audiences and build communities. Here are four tactics that can improve your email campaigns, including personalization and user-generated content. 
  • Biden Officials Hit With Email Blast On Climate
  • Adobe Creates App Building Toolbox For Developers
    Adobe has unveiled ia toolbox that would allow developers to build, test and deploy customized apps. The Adobe Developer App Builder will be available for Adobe Experience Manager in December. 
  • A Guide To Opt-In Email Marketing
    Do you know the difference between a double or single opt-in and an implicit opt-in? The question is answered in this primer on opt-in email marketing.  
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