• Facebook Ends Email Service
    Facebook is getting rid of its email service. The company is discontinuing the product because not many people use the service. The social network has begun alerting users that all emails sent to their @facebook.com address will be forwarded to their primary email address on file. Users that have not shared a primary email address on Facebook won't receive these forwarded messages.
  • Google Adds Unsubscribe Button to Top of Emails
    Google is beginning to add an unsubscribe button to Gmail that will automatically appear in the header of marketing emails. The company first began unrolling this new unsubscribe option last week. Consumers that click on Google's new unsubscribe button won't direct to the marketer's own unsubscribe list. Instead, Google will automatically send an automated email to the marketer requesting that to remove that subscriber on behalf of users that unsubscribe using Google's new button.
  • Answering Emails Before Bed Can Hurt Sleep
    Answering emails before bed could have a negative affect on sleep, according to new research from three separate universities. Not only does monitoring email at night hurt sleep, it also results in less productivity the following day.
  • IU Professor Claims Feds Spied on Her Emails
    Christine Von Der Haar, a professor at Indiana University, has filed a federal lawsuit claiming that she was illegally detained by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents in 2012 at Indianapolis International Airport. In the complaint, Von Der Haar claims that the detainment began after government agents read emails she had exchanged with a friend from Greece before he visited her in Indiana.
  • Groupon Sees Majority of Revenues in Q4 From Physical Sales
    Daily deal email company Groupon saw the majority of its fourth quarter 2013 sales come from physical goods sold via the company's Groupon Goods division rather than from discount vouchers. The company reported this week that Groupon Goods accounted for 53.8% of the company's revenue in the fourth quarter. The company's revenues during Q4 were up 20.4 percent, reaching $768.4 million, up from $638.3 million in 2012.
  • SendGrid & Mixpanel Can be Combined for Strong Email Delivery
    Cloud-based email delivery platform SendGrid can be combined with analytics platform Mixpanel to help marketers manage email delivery. Using SendGrid's SMTP and HTTP APIs, brands can send emails to subscribers and overcome email delivery issues. Combining this with Mixpanel, marketers can track events and associate them with them the people that generated an action.
  • NHS in Wales Accused of Email Cover Up
    The heads of The National Health Service in Wales have been accused of trying to cover up high death rates and long waiting times. The medical director sent an email addressing the issues three months ago, yet the bosses ignored the plea. The email has surfaced and is being used to assert a cover up.
  • Five Guys Manager Makes Major Email Gaffe
    An employee of a Five Guys accidentally copied a customer on an email to a co-worker criticizing the customer. The issue arose when the customer wrote to the franchise complaining about an online order mistake. After his second complaint, the manager forwarded the email to his colleague and mistakenly cced the customer on the email. "'I'm speechless over this douche," read the email. "All of this over missing fries. F*** him and his tool office mates."
  • Hop Email iPhone App Gets Updated For iPad
    Hop, a free iPhone app for email that launched in October, is getting an update to support the iPad. The app is designed to make email feel more like real-time messaging. The app shows prioritizes messages from people that a user has sent email to in the past. Everything else goes into a different section.
  • Scott Walker's Emails Released, Exposing Secret Communications Practices in Office
    More than 27,000 emails were released by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker revealing an office where aides used personal email to conceal the fact that they were mixing campaign business with governmental work. Some of his aides used private email accounts to communicate Walker himself. The documents were released as part of a case involving Kelly M. Rindfleisch, Walker's former deputy chief of staff who has plead guilty to misconduct in public office.
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