• Country Star Dierks Bentley Mistakenly Shares His Personal Email Address WIth Fans on Facebook
    Country star Dierks Bentley accidentally shared his personal email address on Facebook and his inbox got overwhelmed with messages from fans. The singer revealed the address by showing a photo of an email that he had gotten from iTunes, about how his new album is now available for pre-order. However, he didn't cover up his email address before he shared the photo.
  • Walker's Legal Counsel Quits Over Offensive Email Surfaced in Investigation
    John Schulze, the chief legal counsel of Wisconsin's Department of Transportation, has quit over an email scandal. Schulze allegedly sent a sexually explicit joke to former aides of Gov. Scott Walker in which he joked about venereal diseases, oral sex and legalizing prostitution as a means to support welfare recipients. The email surfaced in documents that have been under public scrutiny as part of the investigation into Walker's alleged misuse of email.
  • Scott Walker Denies Using Private Email System
    Governor Scott Walker has denied that his office uses a private email system to communicate in secret to avoid public scrutiny. He also defended his practices saying that he followed laws that restrict public servants from mingling their official duties with campaign activity. Walker did not say if he used private emails when he was county executive.
  • The Cascade Bicycle Club Apologizes For Email
    The Cascade Bicycle Club in Seattle has apologized for sending out a creepy email this week. "Let me introduce myself. I'm Bike 'I'm smarter than you' Bot, the Director of Cascade's Intelligence Agency," read the email. "I'm not human. I'm an internet program that's been trolling through how many emails you've been opening from the Cascade Bicycle Club and how many actions you've been taking." CBC policy director Thomas Goldstein apologized for the email and revealed that it did not go through the usual vetting process most emails do.
  • Email System at New Zealand Hospitals Reinstated After Crash
    Internal communications at hospitals in the South of New Zealand experienced an email crash on Monday. Staff members at those institutions were unable to access email communications for 36 hours this week after a server crash. The email system has been reinstated.
  • Girls on Girls Interviewee Talks Embarrassing Email Addresses With MTV
    Alyssa Morhardt-Goldstein, a 30-year-old creative living in New York, joined MTV's the Girls on "Girls" a column in which real women in NYC discuss the popular TV Show. In the interview, Morhardt-Goldstein revealed that her first email address was something embarrassing like thespinningwheel@aol.com. "My worst handle was probably "theleftbreast" (don't ask, I don't have an answer)," she revealed.
  • AG Pushes For Data Breach Legislation
    Attorney General Eric Holder is pushing Congress to pass a law which would require companies publicly report data breaches. After major breaches at Target, Adobe and Nieman Marcus among others, millions of consumers have had their emails, passwords and even credit card information compromised. "This would empower the American people to protect themselves if they are at risk of identity theft," explained Holder in a statement. "It would enable law enforcement to better investigate these crimes - and hold compromised entities accountable when they fail to keep sensitive information safe."
  • Gawker Complains About LinkedIn Emails
    LinkedIn is beta testing its popular social network in China, and Gawker has taken advantage of this news to complain about LInkedIn's steady stream of emails. The company is now sending emails to users whenever their friends' get new jobs, as in "Congratulate X person on their new job."
  • Apple Device Flaw Could Expose Users' Email
    Apple has issued a warning to customers that own iOS devices. A major software flaw could allow hackers to gain access to user's email. The company has released a software update to address the issue and is urging all users with an iPhone 4 or later model, iPod touch, iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad Air to update immediately. The risk comes from an issue with encrypting data sent from devices over wireless internet connections.
  • Carnival Cruise Lines Sends Email to Wrong List
    Carnival Cruise Lines has sent an email out to the wrong list. The email shared advice on how to board the Carnival Sunshine for the February 23 sailing. The issue is that the company sent the email to customers that never booked this cruise. The company recognized the error and sent a follow up email hours later apologizing for the confusing email. "I'm sorry to say that we experienced an error with one of our emails intended for guests sailing on the Carnival Sunshine, February 23, 2014. We are researching the cause of this error," explained the follow up email. …
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